If your the oldest sibling, you remember a time when it was just you and your parents, before your little sibling turned up and changed things...


1. You were SO excited when your parents told you that you would be getting a little brother or sister.

2. And even more excited when they finally arrived and you got to hold them.

3. And really chuffed when ‘the baby’ bought you a new toy.

Rex Features

Rex Features

4. But also really annoyed when you realised after a few days that they were staying.

5. And that you were now going to have to share your toys with them.

6. And that babies cry ALL of the time.

7. And that you weren’t always going to be the centre of attention any more.

8. But they were a good excuse for you to watch TV programmes and films that you were definitely too old to watch.

Rex Features

Rex Features

9. And once they got a bit older you finally realised that actually it’s quite fun having a little person that you can play games with and boss around.

10. But they ALWAYS managed to avoid getting the blame when you had a fight or argument, just because they were smaller and cuter.

11. Your parents were also way less strict with them than they were with you.  Your sibling didn’t have to wait until their 14th birthday to get their hands on a Nokia 3310, did they?!



12. You always had to keep an eye on them in the playground at school – and it was your job to make sure they didn’t get in any trouble. Even though it was WELL embarrassing to have to be seen with them at breaktime.

13. They always showed you up by being better at most things than you were, even though they were younger.

14. You felt a bit sorry for them that you always got the new clothes because you were the biggest, whereas they got your old hand-me-downs that they were definitely going to ‘grow into’.



15. And now they make you feel really old ALL of the time! If they’re over 21 then that definitely means you aren’t under 21 any more.

16. You’ve been there, done that, by the time they do anything for the first time – which means you can always give them advice.

17. You’re ridiculously protective of them, even if the age gap isn’t that big. They basically have an extra parent.

18. They some how grow up to be loads taller than you and make you look tiny – we thought you were meant to be the baby of the family?!


Are you the oldest sibling in your family? How many of these do you agree with?