Spice up your life with these cool facts you probably never knew about the Spice Girls…

the spice girls

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1.Top of the Pops magazine came up with the famous nicknames, Scary, Baby, Ginger, Sporty and Posh.

2. Geri reportedly missed her first audition for the band. She contacted the casting director weeks later and got a second shot, though. She and the other girls had responded to an ad in a magazine looking to put together a girl group.

3. When Mel C auditioned for the band, she sang I’m so excited by The Pointer Sisters.

4. When Mel B auditioned, she sang Whitney Houston’s The greatest love of all.

mel b from the spice girls

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5. The band were originally named Touch.

6. Emma Bunton only joined the band when the original fifth member, Michelle Stephenson, quit to go to college.

7. The girls asked Tony Blair to be in their Wannabe video but he refused.

8. The Wannabe vid was shot in one take in the Midland Grand hotel in London. The music label’s executives hated it, but the girls refused to re-film as the hotel was freezing cold.


9. The video was banned in several Asian countries, due to Mel B’s erect nipples.

10. Before the girls made it big, they all lived together in a house in Maidenhead, rehearsing together and recording songs at a studio.

11. Geri reportedly came up with the band name Spice as they were all so different. As Spice was already being used by an American rapper, they added the ‘Girls’.

12. The video for Two become one wasn’t filmed in New York, it was filmed in front of a blue screen.

the spice girls

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13. Geri’s dad was a car salesman and her mum was a cleaner.

14. Emma’s dad was a milkman and her mum was a martial arts instructor.

15. Geri came up with the phrase ‘Girl Power’ as she didn’t like the word ‘feminism’.

16. The Union Jack dress Geri wore to the Brit awards in 1997 was actually a tea towel sewn to a black, Gucci dress. She had her sister sew it on, believing the black dress was too boring. She then added a peace sign to the back to avoid offending anyone with patriotism.

geri in union jack dress performing with the spice girls

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17. Victoria and Emma are godmothers to Geri’s daughter Bluebell.

18. Beyonce actually covered a song originally recorded by Victoria Beckham for her second solo album. Beyonce put her own spin on the song Resentment and it features on her B’day album.

19. Nelson Mandela was a huge fan, calling them ‘heroines’.

the spice girls with Nelson Mandela

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20. Despite being the biggest girl group of all time the Spice Girls have never won a Grammy!