There’s no bond like the one you share with your best mate. They’ve seen you through every major happy event or life crisis. They’re not just a friend, they’re family. If one of you moves to a different city, the grief is real.


1. You communicate more than you ever did before, in new, inventive ways. Phone calls, texts, emails, and emojis fly back and forth. Heck, you’d use carrier pigeon if you had to!

2. You adjust to receiving these messages at any time, day or night.

3. You literally count down the days until you’ll see one another next, and message the updated number daily ‘53 days to go!’

4. ‘Good morning’ texts from her make you smile more than your lover’s ever could.

5. When you visit each other, you don’t even need to go out to have a good time. You spend most of the night reminiscing on cringe anecdotes.

6. Nights out are 100% more enjoyable when you’re in their company.



7. You feel sad laughing at an ‘in joke’ only she’d get. So you instantly message them about it and eagerly await their ‘LOL!’ response.

8. As she’s no longer available, you have to make effort with other mates, too. It’s never the same.

9. You feel guilty for having any fun without her…

10. And you get stupidly jealous when you see them having a good time without you in Facebook photos… but you hit ‘like’ anyway.

11. You get over it when your phone beeps with a message filling you in on their gossip from the night before.

12. They’re still the first person you text with any gossip, too. In fact, you message each other with any dull activity, from what you ate for dinner to what flavour coffee you’ve just ordered. ‘Skinny lattes rock.’

13. Stalking each other on social media is essential. You’re the first one to ‘like’ or comment on anything she shares. ‘MEGA LOLZ.’



14. When you’re at her home for special occasions seeing her parents feels like a family reunion. Why did the ‘sleepovers’ ever have to end?

15. You’ll attempt watching episodes of your favourite TV show over the phone or Skype. But, it’s a disaster due to the time lag, so you watch solo then call immediately after to debrief.



16. You miss the road trips you once took for granted, crooning along to your fave cheesy tracks in her car before you hit McDonald’s Drive Thru!

17. No matter the travel costs, every birthday is an excuse to get together in whichever city makes most sense.

18. When they meet a new love interest, you feel on edge till you can meet and vet them. None are ever good enough for her.

19. You send gifts through the post to cheer them up when times are tough.

20. When they visit you get so overexcited and make a crazy ‘sights to see’ itinerary no-one could ever accomplish in a week, let alone 24 hours.

21. Two days is never enough time to catch up face-to-face. You’ll be messaging them as soon as they set off to say, ‘Miss you already!’

22. In time, of course you both make other friends but none can replace the mate who knows you inside out.

23. You realise that, other than being apart, nothing’s really changed. And it never will, so long as you both put in the effort. What else does BEST FRIENDS FOREVER mean?!


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