Benidorm often conjures up images of stag parties, sunburnt Brits and old folk on mobility scooters. But is there more to the Spanish town than meets the eye? Here's what you can expect from a trip to Benidorm...


1. The stereotype about Benidorm being full of drunk, over-50, burnt-to-a-crisp Brits… is sort of true. But it’s also becoming increasingly popular with youngsters looking for a cheap holiday.

2. ‘Look at this – bottle of wine for a euro! Wouldn’t get that in England’ is something you’ll hear A LOT.

Man pouring wine

3. Serial Benidormers abound – most people you speak to will have been coming here for years, several times a year, and will be on first-name terms with everyone in the hotels and bars.

4. Although not the most attractive sight, the famous Benidorm skyline, made up of dated towerblock hotels that shot up during a boom in the 60s and 70s, grows on you after a while.

Benidorm skyline

5. Don’t try looking for high-quality, authentic Spanish nosh, or you’ll be disappointed. If you’re after good old British fish ‘n’ chips or a kebab, though, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

6. Sticky Vicky really does exist. As does her lesser-known rival, Kinky Karen. Stag parties turn up in their hundreds to see their infamous shows. Ping pong anyone?

7. For some reason, everyone in Benidorm loves karaoke nights and tribute bands.

Women doing karaoke

8. Drinking is a BIG THING in Benidorm (as you might have heard…). There are so many bars, pubs, Irish taverns, karaoke joints, show bars… all full of cheap booze and people having a great time!

9. There are no less than three Yorkshire Pride bars scattered around the town…

10. People really do ride around on mobility scooters – you can even get tandem ones!

Mobility scooters

11. If you venture out of Benidorm, to Altea or Guadalest up in the mountains, you can find some really beautiful places.

12. If you’re a fan of the Benidorm TV series and you’re looking for Neptunes, it’s called Morgan’s Tavern – look out for a giant pirate ship and you won’t miss it.

Benidorm episode

13. The beach is crowded but impressive – it’s kept nice and clean, has golden sand, and is a lovely place for an evening stroll.

14. You’re almost guaranteed year-round sunshine, which is why it’s such a winter hotspot, especially for Brits trying to escape the December drizzle.

15. The Old Town is nice, but it doesn’t take long to explore – don’t go to Benidorm if you’re looking for a week of history and culture. Do go to Benidorm if you’re after sun, sand, and a good old knees-up!

Man dancing


Breaking news: Sticky Vicky is hanging up her show hat and retiring after 35 years!