Does your boyfriend make you look really, really small? Then we guarantee you will have experienced most of these…


1. Taking selfies together is pretty much an impossible task. Unless you want a picture of your face and his chin, or his face and your forehead – of course!


2. The shower head will always be about a foot too high for you when you get in after him.


3. He will always get the aisle seat at the cinema or on an aeroplane because of his long legs – you never get a look in!


4. Trying to reach his hand to hold it when you’re walking around is less romantic, and more of a challenge. Maybe suggest he walks in the road and you on the kerb…?


5. Your jeans look so short it’s like they’re from the kids section, when hanging next to his on the washing line.


6. He’s always really easy to spot in a crowd.


7.  It doesn’t matter how high your heels are, you will NEVER manage to be taller than him.


8. You can never hear what he’s saying in a busy bar or pub, as his mouth is so very far away from your ear.


9. He’s really good at getting things down from the top shelves at the supermarket.


10. You spend around 70% of your time on tiptoes.


11. It’s practically impossible for you both to see the stage when you go to a gig or festival. Somewhere you can see = lots of angry people who now can’t see thanks to your tall boyfriend.


12. Borrowing his tracksuit bottoms to lounge about the house in is not an option. Why are they so long?!


13. You have to walk way faster than normal when you’re out together – just to make up for how much longer his stride is compared to yours.


14. You ALWAYS have to move the car seat forward again after he’s been in it.


15. His feet either stick out of the end of the bed, or he takes up loads of room trying to fit his legs in.


16. Sometimes you catch a glimpse of you both in a shop window, and have a little laugh about how completely ridiculous you look together.