The NUTRiBULLET is the kitchen gadget everyone's talking about. But if you ever wondered what the big buzz is about then our fantastic blend of 12 delicious, nutritious facts will help you work it all out!

1. It’s easy clean

Those magic words ‘easy clean’ are music to your ears. Knowing you won’t have to spend hours picking bits of shredded fruit and pith out of your NUTRiBULLET once you’ve used it is what makes it so great.

2. It only takes a minute girl (or boy)!

In 60 seconds, you can make yourself a lovely, nutritious, healthy drink. You can’t even make a cup of tea in that time!

3. It doesn’t blend, it extracts

All owners know this – it’s all about that cyclonic action, innit? That’s where all the goodness comes from. It’s also very good at smashing up nuts with its blades if you want some extra protein in your drink.

4. You can be sneaky

Getting fruit and veg into your kids can be a nightmare, but if you’ve got one of these you can be sneaky. If the thought of eating beetroot, or any other veg, makes your kids sick in their mouths, tell ’em you’re making them a banana smoothie and sneak a bit in. Once the blades have worked their magic, they wont’t notice it’s in there, all they’ll see is the lovely pink colour. Unless of course they don’t like bananas, either…

5. It’s very satisfying

If you’ve been having a bad day, making a NUTRiBULLET drink can be great therapy. Once you’ve got all your soft, colourful fruit and veg ready, it gives you an immense sense of power and pleasure as you push the jug into the base, hear the motor spin into life and the blades grind away.

6. Excuse me, out the way!

For the first two days, you’ll do nothing but make health drinks. In 24 hours, you’ll drink the equivalent of a month’s worth of fruit and veg. After years of junk food abuse, this overdose of healthy vitamins will send your body into shock. Your poor tummy won’t be able to handle all this goodness and you’ll spend the evening sitting on the loo.

7. It looks good on the side

A lot of kitchen gadgets get used once, or twice, but are then pushed to the back of the cupboard to gather dust – not so with the NUTRiBULLET. With its funky colours and modern looks, it’s a great talking-point even if you go off using it.

8. Stick to the road!

It’s great to experiment, sometimes you can create a surprisingly delicious drink combining fruit and veg you might never think go together. That said, it can go horribly wrong… Suddenly, you’ve produced a disgusting fluid that wouldn’t look out of place at the bottom of a compost bin.

9. Just because it looks lovely and colourful…

If your drink comes out a lovely vibrant colour, don’t be fooled… It may look good, but what you pour out of the jug can be a disappointingly bitter experience. Not what you were expecting.

10. Green as ditch water

Equally, don’t be put off just because it looks like something you’d find in a village pond…  These ones can turn out to be the tastiest and best.

11. It’s like being in a secret club

When you’re trying to make boring small-talk at a party, it’s a revelation to find out someone else is in on the secret, too. You can talk in length about your latest blend of onion and celery, and the benefits the NUTRiBULLET has brought to your busy life. Meanwhile, you both look around and gloat at all the unenlightened losers in the room.

12 What can possibly go wrong?

Like we said, it looks good on your sideboard… So when you’ve got a few friends round for dinner, it doesn’t take long for them to spot it and start asking questions. One thing leads to another and, before you know it, you’re busy chopping up bits of fruit and veg like some eager shopping channel presenter to stick in your NUTRiBULLET. ‘It’s so simple to use and easy to clean!’ you spout. But, as it’s a party, let’s put a couple of shots of vodka in it, too, to fizz it up a bit… Detox re-tox all in one hit.