It's a 'historic market town' that hasn't got the best reputation, but we're actually pretty proud to be from Romford! Here's 27 things that you'd only know if you grew up in good old Romtown – there's more to us than white stilettos!


1. You consider yourself an Essex girl, even though Romford is technically in the London Borough of Havering.

2. You remember when it was Lakota, not Missoula, Opium, not Circuit, and Liquid, not Fiction.

3. There was massive excitement when The Brewery opened in 2001.

4. You remember how great the Dolphin Swimming Pool was – they had so many inflatable toys AND a wave machine!

5. All girls bought their fake designer handbags from the shop by the market – and tried so hard to convince their friends at school that they were real.

6. It was always worth travelling as far as Gidea Park for a legendary Balgores Best Kebab after a night out.

7. You needed to buy an actual ticket to get on a bus, with cash. This whole Oyster card business would have blown your mind.

Oyster card and tube map


8. You thought those sloping escalators in The Brewery were the coolest things EVER.

9. Girls spent HOURS in Pairs looking at all of the fancy dress outfits, jazzy tights and multi-coloured leg warmers.

10. You knew that the off licenses by Romford station were the best place to buy alcohol without needing any ID.

11. You could easily spend all Saturday sitting in The Brewery and people watching, until your parents called you to tell you to come home.

12. You remember when there was a C&A by the market, long before it was TJ Hughes (which has closed down too now!).

13. Everyone loves a night at Romford Dogs (the Greyhound Stadium) – and you either took your betting REALLY seriously when you went, or just picked the dog with the funniest name.

Romford dogs

PA Photos

14. You were genuinely a little bit gutted when the Outback Steak House in The Brewery shut down.

15. Going to Romford Ice Rink was the best night out – don’t even get us started on the foam parties!

16. Pretty much every boy you met supported West Ham (but that’s probably still the case now).

17. Getting your ears pierced at Chain Reaction by the market for just £5.

18. You saw plenty of ‘big’ acts on a Thursday night out at Liquid – like The Wanted and Roll Deep.

19. Every birthday meant a trip to Frankie & Benny’s in The Brewery – it just made you feel so darn special when they turned down the lights and everyone sang ‘Happy Birthday’!

20. You were born in Rush Green, King George’s or Harold Wood hospital, way before Queen’s was even built!

PA Photos

PA Photos

21. Buying clip-in hair extensions (which you cut to size yourself) and genuinely believing that they looked great.

22. Picking up some really trendy ‘designer’ clothes (including a probably-not-actually-authentic ‘Van Dutch’ cap in baby pink) from a stall on the market for under a tenner.

23. You remember when the Liberty Shopping Centre didn’t have a roof.

24. You knew that the Decathlon car park was out of bounds unless you were a Scene Kid.

25. Being offended when people said that all Essex girls loved white stilettos and hoop earrings – especially as you secretly really loved your hoop earrings.

26. You were rooting for local girl Stacey Solomon to win the X-Factor back in 2009.

27. Bragging about the fact that Jo O’Meara from S Club 7 was from Romford, and actually lived quite near to your Nan.

PA Photos

PA Photos


Can you remember any more? Let us know below…