What better way to take in the sites of 'The Smoke' than by the iconic London red double decker? But if you commute by bus you'll know it's more than a fun ride...


1. Seeing the same people at your bus stop day after day, week after week. You see these people more than you do some of your relatives and yet no-one has ever exchanged a word!

2. You have two types of queues. The ordered line and the mosh. The ordered line usually happens at the larger bus stops. The mosh is a free for all, but you’ve memorised the exact time every has person arrived at the bus stop and know precisely in what order they have the right to step aboard. People who push in are tutted at loudly.

3. Nothing feels better than the free ride when the Oyster reader doesn’t work!

4. Once you’re on the bus and you’ve got a seat, you use the ‘strategic-bag-placing-technique’ by putting your bag on the seat next to you. You’ll be the last one someone asks to sit next to.

5. It’s raining, grey and miserable, but all the windows are completely steamed up and you can’t see a blooming thing. You grab the sleeve of your coat and wipe a little portal to the outside world. Even looking at the traffic along the south circular through this little portal is better than looking at the back of your fellow passengers’ heads!



6. Your earphones are a gauge of how much you don’t want to talk to your fellow passengers. Little earbuds are a sure sign you don’t want to talk to anyone,  but big cans are a definite palm in the face of anyone who’d DARE chat to you.

7. You can’t see a thing, but you know the stops of the bus like beats of music. Even if you nod off, you have an inbuilt clock which wakes you when you reach your destination.

8. You hold your breath whenever someone starts coughing and sneezing.

9. You only touch the handrails if absolute necessary! They’re a breeding ground for germs.

10. If you’ve pressed the Stop button, you find it really annoying when someone else presses the button again. Over and over and over. It only needs pressing once!


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