If your boyfriend works away a lot, you'll know that it's essential to make the best of the situation. Here are some truths that might be familiar!

1. Au revoir!

Train station


You’ve got the ‘big farewell’ down to a tee – it used to involve tears and waving from the edge of the platform, but now you’ve streamlined it down to a quick snog and a pat on the bum. He’ll be back!

2. Then…

Meal with boyfriend


…He’s back! Every time he comes home again, you’ll want to ‘make the most of it’ by going out for a nice meal to catch up on what you’ve missed. Always a good excuse for a date night!

3. The routine

Blowdrying hair


When your boyfriend works away, you can blast out the hairdryer and the radio in the morning and stomp around without having to worry about waking anyone up. Now, suddenly, you’re back to tiptoeing around trying not to let the door slam as he snoozes.

4. Mates before dates

Party time


Flying solo, you can make the most of going out with your friends, staying out as late as you want (and getting as drunk as you want, too!). The downside of this is when you’re going somewhere where everyone’s in a couple, and they’re all bringing their partners. Gooseberry alert!

5. What’s on TV

Argument remote


You spend the whole week watching whatever you want on TV, then he gets back and it all changes. What do you mean I can’t watch back-to-back Desperate Housewives all evening?!

6. Your phone is your friend

Woman texting


Your phone will need charging twice as much when he’s away, as you’re constantly calling, texting and WhatsApping each other. Not to mention the phone bill…

7. Planning ahead is essential

Calendar appointment


You can’t just take for granted that you’ll see each other – you’ll need to have a shared diary so that you can plan ahead for the next few weeks, to make sure you actually get to spend time together when he’s back in town!

8. Jealousy

Man holding cocktail


If he’s working away somewhere grim, you feel sorry for him. But when he’s jetted off to ‘work’ in a lovely hot country, and is sending you photos of himself on the beach, cocktail in hand, it’s hard not to get a bit jealous as you reply with a photo of rainy England…

9. The benefits

Couple on beach


On the plus side, you might get to go with him sometimes, and you’ll only have to pay for your travel. Bonus!

10. Best of both

Couple in bed


Your friends sometimes ask how you manage it being apart so much. But really, you get the best of both! It keeps the spark alive, you never get bored of each other’s company, and you make the most of the time you do spend together…

11. Manly jobs

Open jar


OK, you’re an independent woman, but sometimes there are jobs that only he can do. He’ll often come back to a to-do list including opening tricky jars, getting something down from the loft, and dealing with a spider that’s been trapped under a glass for three days.