We bet you didn't know any of these...

1. It’s common knowledge that she owns the UK’s swans, but the Queen also owns all the sturgeons, porpoises, whales and dolphins in British waters, known as ‘fishes royal’.

2. Famed for being a dog lover, she’s also a breeder of dogs and horses. It’s thought she was the first to cross a corgi with a dachshund to create the ‘dorgi’. N’aaaw.



3. Her face may be on all the cash but Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t have it *all*. She’s reportedly worth around £300million, making her the 257th richest person in the UK. Lend us a fiver, Ma’am?

4. According to her cousin, Margaret Rhodes, the Queen enjoys a drink every day which can include wine with meals, gin or a dry martini and, of course, champagne. Why not? One requires her booze!

5. She has her own private cash machine. For use by the royal family it’s installed in the basement of Buckingham Palace.

6. According to Royal biographer Sally Bedel Smith, Queen Elizabeth is quite the modern monarch and uses a mobile phone to text her grandchildren.

7. The Queen sends Christmas cards every year and it’s estimated that she and Prince Philip have sent out over 45,000 Christmas cards throughout her reign [so far].

8. She’s handy with a spanner. During World War II, the then Princess Elizabeth joined the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service in 1945 and wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and trained as a mechanic and truck driver.

9. The dish Coronation chicken was invented for the foreign guests who were to be entertained after her coronation ceremony, on 2nd July 1953. Often eaten as a sandwich filling, it consists of chicken meat, raisins, herbs and spices with a mayonnaise-based sauce.

10. The Queen has many hidden talents, including speaking fluent French. She often doesn’t use an interpreter on state visits.

11. The Queen doesn’t have an official driving licence, or a passport. Since the passport is issued in the Queen’s name, she is not required to have one to travel. She also can’t be prosecuted – she’s immune from both prosecution or to give evidence in court. Although, it’s likely if the monarch did commit a crime, she’d almost certainly be forced to abdicate.



12. We know that, historically, royals tend to ‘keep it in the family’ but did you know both Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria fell in love with their cousins? Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were first cousins and Prince Philip is Elizabeth’s third cousin – who shares the same great-great-grandparents – Queen Victoria and Prince Albert! What a family tree!

13. Elizabeth is called ‘Lilibet’ by close family, a nickname dating to when she couldn’t pronounce her own name as a young child.

16. Queen Elizabeth II has survived assassination attempts. A man fired six blank shots during the 1981 Trooping of Colour, with the queen at close range on horseback. In 1982, an intruder entered her bedroom but the Queen came to no harm.