We were devastated when our fave local record shop closed down! There are some reasons buying music online will NEVER replace the local record shop.


1. Winning their respect

The nod of approval from the guy behind the counter when you bought something decent always made your day!

2. The bargain bins

Where you could find all kind of gems (and duds!)

3. The excitement

When a band was doing a signing session in your local store it made you feel like you lived in the coolest place ever!

4. The joy of browsing

You could take your time to make those all important decisions. There was so much choice and you weren’t in ANY rush to make your mind up!



5. The promotional cut outs

If you were REALLY nice to the staff at your local record shop they let you have the promotional cut outs of your fave pop stars. Sure, you looked like an idiot walking down the street with a nearly life sized Adam Ant, but you didn’t care!

6. The community

You often saw the same people in the shop and it felt like you were part of some kind of secret club.

7. The convenience

You didn’t have to go into town to get your music fix. You could get what you wanted just around the corner!

8. You had something physical to show for your money

It’s true that downloading online is much easier, but you used to have something you could actually hold and keep!

local record shops


9. They knew your music taste

They knew what you liked and would make inspired suggestions. Sometimes you ended up falling in love with a new band you wouldn’t have known about if it weren’t for them!

10. You could have a listen first

They let you listen to the music you were considering before buying it. That way you knew exactly what you are getting yourself into!