Living solo isn't for everyone. You have to deal with your own spiders and do all the housework singlehanded. But we reckon that there are also a lot of benefits to being queen of your own castle...


1. People think you walk around naked all of the time. What a load of nonsense. You only do this sometimes.

2. Other times you’re in your PJs.

3. When you spot a spider there’s no-one else to catch it. So you just have to stop using that room for a while. Who needs a toilet anyway..?

4. Your top or dress zips up at the back? Good luck with that!



5. When people ask if you get lonely living alone, you want to ask them how they can tolerate having to live with other humans.

6. When people ask if you get scared, you want to tell them that, statistically, a person is much more likely to be killed by someone they live with than a random axe murderer.

7. But sometimes you do get scared.

8. No-one needs to know about your embarrassing TV binges. That Sunday you spent watching hours of Gossip Girl stays between you and Netflix.



9. It’s always your turn to take the blooming bins out.

10. You feel guilty about how much bread ends up being thrown out.

11. You sometimes wonder how long it would take for your body to be found if you tripped over and knocked yourself out.

12. You can never enjoy having a cold, as there’s no-one to moan to or to bring you cups of tea.

13. Because you have enough crockery and cutlery to last a week, you hardly ever wash up.



14. But sometimes you let the mess-blindness get too much, and it only clears when an unexpected guest announces they’ll be visiting soon and you have to start frantically cleaning.

15. You catch yourself locking the door to the bathroom out of habit, but the wonder why you bothered.

16. There are always leftovers in the fridge. It’s impossible to cook pasta for one.



17. You feel like a superhero every time you successfully change a lightbulb or fuse singlehanded.

18. You always know where everything is… Exactly where you left it.

19. The question ‘what side of the bed do you sleep on?’ is not relevant to you.



20. Of course you talk to yourself. And your pets. And your plants. And your appliances…

21. You worry that you’ll never, ever be able to cope with living with another person again.

22.  Nowhere is an unacceptable place to eat meals. Spaghetti bolognaise in bed? No problem, what’s for pud?

23. Everything is yours. Your choice of decor, your pictures, your books and DVDs. Your home just for you and you love it.