We love our cars, but we don’t always have the same feelings when it comes to driving them! If you’re a driver, you'll no doubt recognise these things we love and hate about driving.


1. Love our portable homes

Our cars are a wardrobe, handbag and mode of transport all rolled into one! We keep spare shoes, tights, first aid kits and all manner of essentials in them, just in case!

2. Hate other drivers

Seriously? What’s wrong with the other people driving on the roads? Why on earth are you driving towards me on MY side of the road? You get used to driving with the presumption that all other road users are idiots, or at least turn into idiots behind the wheel of a car!

3. Love the freedom

Our car allows us to go anywhere we please at any time. We aren’t held back by last trains or timetables, and it feels great!

4. Hate traffic jams

Just when you decide driving is the best mode of transport, you hit a traffic jam. They’re the bane of a driver’s existence… The worst are the ones that happen for NO reason whatsoever and start again with no explanation. They leave you both annoyed and completely baffled.

Traffic jam things we hate about driving


5. Love the open road

There’s nothing better than driving on an empty road in the sunshine. THIS is why you love driving so much, now it all makes sense!

6. Hate parallel parking on a main road

Of course, after years of practice you can parallel park like a pro, but trying to park with a queue behind you is the worst! Especially when the person behind you doesn’t leave enough space to reverse! Grrrr!

7. Hate when things go wrong

There you are, happily driving along when suddenly something happens. There is that telltale clang accompanied by a whirring sound, and you KNOW there’s something seriously wrong.

8. Love when you can fix problems yourself

When you know you can fix whatever ails your car, you feel like you can do anything! OK, it’s just a bulb, tire or fuse change, but you feel like Superman!


9. Hate the winding country roads

Of course we love how picturesque they are, but with their blind corners and low lighting they can be quite scary to drive around at night.

10. Hate the cost of petrol

You want HOW much? The cost of petrol seems to go up every time you go to fill up. You thank God you have a small car that doesn’t drink the stuff.

11. Love not having to get on public transport

It’s great to not be squashed like sardines in a tin can. You aren’t being bothered by other people in your personal space and it feels amazing!