It’s the most satisfying and important job in the world, but like all work, being a mum has its highs and lows!


What do you love most about being a mum – and what’s the worst thing? Domestic housekeeping franchise Bright and Beautiful, asked lots of mums just that…

What we hate…

Picking up toys and clothes (65%)
Ironing (62%)
Sewing on name labels (41%)
Making packed lunches (33%)
Wasting money on fad toys (31%)
Having to watch children’s TV (27%)
The school run (12%)
School friends’ parties (10%)
Getting them to eat healthy food (10%)
Helping them with their homework (7%)

…and what we love

Giving and getting cuddles (78%)
Watching them learn new things (65%)
Family days out where you are all together (55%)
Hearing that your children love you every day (28%)
Holding hands with them (21%)
Reading favourite stories together (19%)
The gifts and cards they make for you (14%)
Seeing your children develop a relationship with your own parents (10%)
Going to the cinema (7%)
Watching them sleep (3%)


So what’s your favourite thing about being a mum? Let us know in the comments box below.