Being a twin: double trouble or twice the fun? Here's a light-hearted look at what it's like when there are two of you...



Twin: happy identical twins


1. She can try stuff on for me at the shops

No need for both of us to strip off in a chilly changing room – if those pink pleather culottes fit/suit one of us, they’re good to go for the other. Likewise, if she’s out shopping on her own and sees something I might like, she doesn’t have that ‘I wonder if it’ll fit’ dilemma.

2. Don’t fancy going out with a mate/on a date..?

No worries, I can send her instead. Especially if it’s early in the relationship, he won’t notice… Just so long as things don’t go too far, you understand…

3. Fooled ya!

Such fun! I just love messing with people’s heads – switching around willy nilly. Fooling teachers at school was always a good one. And don’t even get me started on 1st April…

4. The attention!

‘Oh, look – twins!’ It’s incredible the number of randoms who’ll just come up and talk to us. Great at parties – and an attention-seeker’s dream. (Not my style, but to really ham things up, go down the identical-clothing route…)

5. Looking good in photos

Always nicely symmetrical. (Especially good for wedding shots. We’re thinking about starting a bridesmaid-rental service…)

6. Always having someone who understands

I’ve always had someone going through exactly the same stage of life as me, on tap, to have a grizzle to… From nursery school, through homework, relationships, family… There’s always someone there who ‘totally gets it’, especially when you hit all those ‘firsts’. Likewise, we have wonderful shared memories of good times and share the BEST secrets! (I know, I know – pass the matching sick buckets…)

7. Getting away with murder/bank robberies/cheating in driving tests…

Oh, OK, only joking – but it’s crossed our minds (simultaneously, of course)… It wasn’t me, honest, m’Lud!



Twin: grumpy identical twins


1. Waking up every day and seeing someone else with your face staring back at you.

It’s just plain weird. I’ve even had moments where I’ve looked in the mirror and thought, ‘Is that her or me?’

2. Sharing

A womb. Mum’s attention. Birthdays. A bedroom. Toys. Clothes. Friends. Hair-straighteners. Eyes… I WANT MY OWN!!!

3. Finishing each other’s…sentences!

Either that or speaking simultaneously. We can’t help it, we just do – and, it’s not cute, it’s flipping annoying!

4. The attention! (See No 4 LIKE)

‘Oh look – twins!’ Yeah, right, get over it! People feel it’s perfectly acceptable to comment and stare. Usually accompanied by stupid questions: ‘Are you sisters?’ ‘Are your birthdays on the same day?’ ‘Are you the same age?’

5. Being called ‘The Twins’

I have a name, and so does she. Use them! We are two totally different people.

6. Being labelled

‘The good one’, ‘the naughty one’. ‘The thin one’, ‘the fat one’. ‘The quiet one’, ‘the outgoing one’. Listen up – I’m going to be ‘The one who punches your lights out’ if you keep comparing us…


If you’re an identical twin, do you agree with any of these..? Let us know in the comments, below…