Remember when the 21st century seemed way, way off? Life would be so different by the year 2000, they said… The future would be amazeballs! (Yet they hadn't seen that word coming.) Meanwhile, here we are, STILL waiting...


We remember them saying…

1. ‘You’ll get around by jet-pack…’

The future: woman with jetpack


Nope. Instead, the roads are cracking up, the signals have failed, and we’re still waiting for the number-69 bus. OK, so a few brave souls have a little silver scooter…


2. ‘Every meal will come in pill form’

The future: food in pill form


Inspired by the space age, we’d just pop a meat-and-two-veg tablet and feel full. We always found this one a bit hard to swallow. The thing is, there’s no substitute for a good old chicken balti …or fish and chips …or banoffee pie… So, we can’t see proper grub (or diets) disappearing any time soon. Anyway, how dull would Masterchef be?


3. ‘No-one will have to work hard. You’ll have so much leisure time on your hands, you won’t know what to do with yourself…’

The future: woman lazing in hammock

Yeah, right – now the retirement age keeps rising and most of us work longer hours for less money. The boss says jump and you say ‘How high?’ Juggling? We’ve got more balls in the air than the average strip club.


4. ‘Men will give birth’

The future: Man with pregnancy test , looking shocked


Ha ha ha ha! Aside from the physical, er, complications with this one, we just don’t reckon fellas could give up beer for nine months…


5. ‘Forget normal clothes – you’ll wear a silver jumpsuit which you’ll never need to wash’

The future: woman in silver jumpsuit


OK, aside from the odd 70s-style Glam rock revivals, we don’t see too many high-tech foil onesies in Topshop. And sales of Daz are still doing OK.


6. Robots will be at your beck and call…

The future: funny robot


Hmm, just check out what happens when they try – with this HILARIOUS Robot fails video!


Then again…

The future: iPhone 6


…computers used to fill a whole room and yet still only be able to do basic sums. Now look at us – all carrying the Internet around in our pockets!


What futuristic gismo would you like to exist? Let us know in the comments below…