Fellas, if you want to impress the ladies you'd better make sure you don't make any of the following mistakes…!


1. Tightness!…

Mr Tight sweating handing over cash


Nobody likes a tight fella. If he’s already counting the pennies on your first date then imagine what he’ll be like years down the line!

In our dream world we want to be whisked off our feet and showered with expensive cocktails and nice meals out! But in reality, we’re not that high maintenance and more than happy to pay our way. Still, you could at least offer to pay for more of the drinks than us fellas! Realising the night has cost you a fortune while he’s cleverly got away with buying just 2 drinks is never going to lead to a second date!


2. Clothes…

Badly dressed man


At the risk of sounding shallow the way a man dresses can swing it either way for us girls! Just a dodgy pair of shoes can put us right off! Dirty or un-cool trainers or a battered pair of shoes can be the deciding factor as to whether this date will be the last!

And your clothes need to fit too! Jeans too tight, too short, too long, too flared are all a no-no! And  shirts done up too high, open too low, too tight or just plain bursting open at the seams make us cringe a little too! Over dressed, under-dressed the list goes on! Sorry guys!


3. Money…

Rich man posing against sports car


There’s nothing worse than a flashy guy dropping hints all the time about how much he earns or what sports-car he owns. As much as we like the idea a guy who is successful and works hard for a living, its nice to find out further down the line that he’s secretly minted! Rather than be reminded every 5 minutes!

Alternatively there’s nothing wrong with a guy who earns a low wage as long as he doesn’t keep going on about how skint he is and how long it would take him to earn that cocktail you’re drinking!


4. The EX…

Man in love with his Ex girlfriend


As much as its nice to learn each others past history, if he keeps going on about his EX girlfriend that’s a huge off put! A basic outline of what happened is fine, but to keep hearing about her can be extremely tedious. Along with the is him calling you by her name by accident! … or even worse forgetting your name!!!


5. Bad Dancing…

Man dancing badly thinking he's good


Its not so much the bad dancing, it’s a guy thinking he’s a really good dancer when in reality he’s not! Just a few bad dance moves can be enough for a girl to call it a night! It can be the downfall of many attractive guys!


6. Personal Grooming…

Man spending extra long time in the bathroom mirror


Any guy that looks like he spends longer getting ready than you can be a bit of a concern. Most of us girls prefer guys to be a little bit rough round the edges, rather than pruned within an inch of perfection. Freshly waxed orange sun-bedded chests, smooth hair free legs, and brows plucked to the standard of Kim Kardashian is a bit much.

However, at the total opposite end of the scale, laziness surrounding personal hygiene is a serious off put! Sleep still in his eye on a first date is a stomach churning no-no, not to mention mono brows and nose hair. Everyone can afford a pair of tweezers these days!


And while we’re at it…

Builders bum, cigarette breath, bad singing, dirty/long finger nails, slang texting are all a massive turn-off!

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