No, we don’t mean in the way you think! The following 13 are things that leave us feeing unfulfilled and disappointed. In other words, we feel let down by them. See if you agree with us…


1. The long-running murder-mystery series you’ve been watching for eight weeks ends and leaves so many questions unanswered. We feel like we’ve wasted several hours of our life sticking with it.

2. You bought your favourite band’s latest album and you only like about half the songs on it. The rest of the tunes are pretty awful.

3. A cake that looked delicious in the shop window turns out to be just a lot of air and fake creamy stuff. But, of course, you still eat it, and now you’re angry at the unnecessary calories you’ve consumed.

4. Talking of calories, this time we’re moaning that we haven’t had enough! We’re referring to the size of chocolate bars you get in a bargain pack. We didn’t realise that ‘bargain’ meant that the contents would be way smaller than usual.

5. Christmas crackers looked so appealing when we bought them, but the toys they contained were so rubbish, not to mention the truly dreadful jokes!

6. Discovering that all the stuff in the sales is the stuff that they didn’t manage to shift last year.

7. There’s a massively hyped movie that’s been advertised everywhere and the stars of the film have been on every chat show promoting it.  You’d been so excited about seeing it, and it ends up being rubbish!

8. You always want New Year’s Eve to be amazing, but, in truth, you just end up paying a fortune to go to a club you normally go to anyway. Then you skint yourself paying double fare in a cab to get home and all for 10 minutes of Auld Lang Syne. You wish you’d stayed home and watched Jools’ Annual Hootenanny.

9. Going out for dinner with your partner seems like a romantic idea… But when you actually get to the restaurant, the service is bad, the portions are small, and the food isn’t any nicer than you could have cooked at home.

10. Boxes of chocolates that only have one layer. You chomp your way through them and are gutted when you realise that’s your lot. The only thing hiding under the packaging is more packaging!

11. Party time! You invite all your friends and family over for a shindig and had imagined all the fun that would ensue. In reality, your boyfriend gets drunk, everybody ends up having a massive argument, and you end the night in tears.

12. How do they manage to make hotel rooms look so lovely in the photos online? When you check in to what had been described as a luxury double, the room is tiny and the bed’s up against one wall. When you have to go the loo in the night, you have to climb over your partner to get out of bed.

13. The voting on reality and talent shows, when the public continually back one of the worst (or most-unpleasant) contestants on the programme resulting in more-talented (nicer) people having to leave far too early.


What leaves you feeling disappointed? Let us know below…