You've spent most of your life working, and now it's finally time to reap the rewards! Here are some things you can look forward to when you retire...

1. You’ll be called up for babysitting duty a lot more…

Grandparents - Family Guy


2. You’ll probably think about taking up a new hobby

Man golfing


3. It’s important to keep moving…maybe you’ll try a new fitness regime

Man lifting weights


4. You can go on lots of bus trips…because it’s free!!

Retired men on bus


5. Now’s the time to book a cruise…



6. …and to finally renovate your home

Man renovating home


7. With so much more time on your hands, maybe you’ll consider getting a dog

Cute dog


8. …or you might develop a sudden interest in beekeeping

Retire beekeeper


9. Your garden will become immaculate

Edward Scissorhands gardening


10. No more early morning wake-ups…

Man hitting alarm clock


11. And when your friends retire, you can hang out with them, too!