Whether you've recently embarked on your first skiing trip, or you're about to brave the slopes, some of these might sound familiar!


1. Shopping

Before your trip, you’ll need to hit the shops to stock up on thermal tops, fleeces, socks, leggings and longjohns… not the most attractive get-up you’ve ever worn!

2. Borrowing

Next, you’ll be begging and borrowing skiing jackets and trousers from your seasoned ski pals, to save a bit of money. Your mismatching, mis-sized kit will be an instant giveaway that you’re new to this…

3. Snowdome

Time for your first lesson at the local snowdome before you brave the mountains for real. Learning to snow plough, how hard can it be, right?!…

Learn to snow plow

4. Products

With temperatures plummeting, and the sun reflecting off the snow, you’ll need copious amounts of suncream, lipbalm and moisturiser. A beetroot face with crumbly lips is not a good look!

5. Nerves

The nerves start to kick in when you first get onto the slopes and realise you have no idea what you’re doing. Top tips: don’t look down, and take a hip flask! A swig of whisky works wonders…

6. Oh #$@%*!

You’ll spend the first couple of days feeling like Bridget Jones.

Bridget Jones skiing

7. Ski lessons

It feels like your first day at school – by the end of the day, you’ll be best pals with everyone in your class!

8. Everyone’s an expert

Inevitably, if your family, friends or partner are pro skiers, they will try and teach you by taking you onto a slope that’s too steep, which will lead to tears and tantrums.

9. Pre-skiing exercise

You followed your pals’ advice and did hundreds of squats before your trip. You have thighs of steel, but no one warned you about the pain in your arms, shoulders and neck from falling over and standing back up 20 times a day. Should’ve done press-ups, too!


10. Apres ski

This is the fun part. Don’t forget to take some nice clothes as well as your thermals to get your party on!

11. Conquering ski lifts

At first, they seem like a death trap, especially the button lifts – how do all the little kids manage it!?

Skiing lift fall

12. Danger to others

At some point, you’ll lose control and plough into a group of small children learning to ski. Of course, they’ll get up and zip off unfazed, while you’re still slithering around trying to reattach your skis.

13. The views

You’ll come back with so many beautiful pictures of snowy mountains and picturesque ski villages, as well as selfies on ski lifts (when you’ve finally mastered them!).

14. The sense of achievement

The first time you make it down a slope with no slips or falls, you’ll be bursting with pride – OK, so it took you 20 minutes, and it wasn’t even that steep, but it’s really satisfying!

15. The bug…

Hopefully, after your debut ski trip, you’ll get the skiing bug and be dying to book your next Alps adventure!