If you've worn glasses for most of your life, you'll probably have a love-hate relationship with them – they're great, but they can cause a few problems!


1. Not being able to find them

Can't find glasses Every glasses-wearer will know the frustration of looking for your glasses when you’re not wearing your glasses (obviously, because you can’t find your glasses). And that familiar crunching sound that makes your heart sink, when you realise they were on the floor…


2. Weather

Will.i.am glasses steamed up

Rainy days, or sudden temperature changes from cold to hot, are the worst for a specs-wearer. It’s like looking through a cloud, or a rainy windscreen! And someone always feels the need to inform you that your glasses are steamed up…


3. People trying them on

Friend trying on glassesYou can’t count the number of times someone has asked to try on your glasses, then said “Woah, your eyes must be really bad!” And they always come back covered in fingerprints! Trouble is, you can’t see what you’re friend actually looks like in them, as everything is now blurry without your specs.


4. Eye tests

Having eyes tested at opticians


Trips to the opticians are old hat if you’ve worn glasses your entire life. You’ve got used to feeling ridiculous when you have to put on those super sized lens-holder glasses to test your vision. Then it’s time to choose some stylish frames that suit your face, hairstyle and skin tone…


5. School photos

Young boy nerdy glasses


Embarrassing photos of you grinning beneath your Deirdre Barlow glasses as a kid will occasionally pop up on Facebook, much to everyone’s delight. Especially if your mum thought it was a good idea to attach an old lady-style glasses string to your specs so you wouldn’t lose them… The shame!


6. Children think you’re actually blind

Toddler pointing at cameraLittle kid: ‘Can you see me? How many fingers am I holding up?’

You: ‘Three.’

Little kid: ‘So you’re not blind. Why do you need glasses?’


7. Fun kids’ specs

Little girl wearing specs


As a little’un, wearing glasses definitely had its perks. You could choose from pink and sparkly, Minnie Mouse or My Little Pony! Definitely more fun than buying grown-up ones.


 8. Fashion accessories

Woman wearing trendy glasses


When that trendy hipster friend gets some cool glasses to wear purely as a fashion accessory (they don’t even have prescription lenses in them), and looks so much better in their fake glasses than you do in your practical specs!


9. Holidays

Looking around busy beachHolidays are always tricky, especially if you don’t have prescription sunglasses. And, even if you do, what do you do if you want to swim in the sea? Keep your glasses on and your head above water, like a swan? Or take the risk and go in blind, hoping you’ll be able to find your family afterwards on the packed beach?


10. In the shower

Woman with greasy hairLike going for a swim on holiday, this is something that many people might underestimate – you can’t wear your glasses in the shower! You realise as you’re blow-drying your hair afterwards that what you thought was conditioner was actually shower gel…


11. Contact lenses

Mr Bean in mirrorThe first time you put contact lenses in is amazing. You can actually see your own reflection in the mirror for the first time without your specs!! Once you’ve got over the whole poking yourself in the eye thing, contact lenses are an absolute dream.


12. The laser surgery option

Three people wearing glasses


You wonder if this would fix all of your problems, but worry that you’d just end up spending a fortune and it might not work. Also, it sounds scary! Maybe glasses aren’t so bad after all…