We’re talking Christmas deja vu! Those things that you can guarantee will happen every year during the festive season. See how many of these ring a (jingle) bell!


1. Everybody at work disagreeing about where to have the Xmas party.

2. Your mum asking what gift you want. In September.

3. The argument over how long a turkey takes to cook. So many hours per pound, plus an extra what? You could always just read the instructions!



3. People saying they can’t believe it’s Christmas again already.

4. Another comment regularly made is that it really doesn’t feel like Christmas. Followed by: ‘Does it?’

5. The cookbook you bought for your gran being reduced the week after you purchased it.

6. Knowing that on the Friday before Christmas, the streets will be splattered with pavement pizzas. (No, we don’t mean actual pizzas…think about it.)

7. Panic setting in because you’ve been bundled up in winter togs and now it’s party season and time to get those pins out! Pass the Immac!



8. Wondering what the Christmas No 1 will be. Will The X Factor winner do it, or will there be another campaign to keep them off the top spot?

9. Complaining that festive ads are on way too early. Furniture stores, especially, start telling us in late summer that they can have the sofa we want made in time for Christmas.

10. Sticking with ads. This time, it’s the ones we love. These are fantastically festive with lots of snow, twinkling lights, Santa images and a stunning sound track. This is one of our faves…


11. The shock when your niece, who used to like My Little Pony, asks for the latest Call of Duty game.

12. An argument with your other half about visiting in-laws. You’ll have Christmas at home and on Boxing Day you should be going to his parents’ this year, but you don’t want to! Major sulk.

13, Worrying that you’re never going to have enough cash for all those pressies and festivities. It’s such an expensive time of year!

14. Weather forecasters endlessly going on about the likelihood of us having a white Christmas.



15. Waiting excitedly for the double issue TV Times to go on sale, with its traditional cover featuring a ruddy-cheeked Santa.

16. Complaining that you’ve already had too many mince pies and it’s only the first week in December.

17. Buying things you never buy at any other time of year. Stuff like brandy butter, double cream, coffee liqueur, advocaat, pigs in blankets and a bird so big it’s unlikely it’ll fit in the oven!

18. Leaving work on your last day and calling out in a jolly fashion, ‘See you next year!’

19. Regretting buying a real tree as the floor is covered in needles and you know it’ll probably be dead before the big day.



20. Disagreeing about when to put up the decs and then, later, debating about when you need to take them down. You don’t want any bad luck…

21. Getting driven mad by the same festive tunes over and over on the radio. Why aren’t there any new ones..?

22. Finding out that stamps cost a fortune. Since e-mail, you hardly ever buy them these days…

23. And last, but not least, realising that, in the words of Andy Wiliiams, it really is the most wonderful time of the year! Enjoy the crooner belting out his festive hit here…


What do you find happening every Chrimbo? Tell us below…