As a kid, girly sleepovers were the highlight of your weekend. You'd all turn up with your sleeping bag, pillow, toothbrush and PJs, excited about the LONG night to come. Yippee! What did us girls really get up to?


1. Someone would always forget their PJs and have to borrow some.

2. Everyone would bring magazines to pore over – Mizz, Sassy, Sugar and Bliss were the favourites.

3. You’d get your parents to rent a 15-rated horror film from the local video shop, which left everyone completely terrified, but pretending not to be.

Scared girls


4. Then you’d watch a chick-flick to lighten the mood!

5. Girly sleepovers weren’t complete until everyone had eaten so much pizza, garlic bread and chocolate that they felt sick.

6. At some point in the night, there’d be an argument over something trivial and everyone would have to take sides until it blew over.

Argument between girls


7. When your mate’s big brother or sister came in, you’d try and act really cool and mature around them.

8. You’d all admit who you fancy – if talent was limited at your school, you’d probably all like the same boy, which could get a bit awkward.

9. Sometimes, you’d reveal secrets you wished you hadn’t, and you’d spend the next weeks trying to back-pedal and deny it – ‘I was only joking, I didn’t really wet myself in PE!’

Embarrassed girl


10. Everyone would take a million photos on a disposable camera that all came out blurry when you got them developed.

11. Someone would suggest truth or dare. Truths would normally relate to who you fancy, and dares would usually involve making a prank call to one of your friends who isn’t there (or worse, to the boy you fancy!).

12. Which Spice Girl were you? Don’t deny it, we all did this! Even better if there were five of you at the sleepover…

Spice Girls

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13. At some point in the night, you’d all get into trouble from the host’s parents for being too noisy.

14. When you finally decided to go to sleep, there’d be a scrabble for who was going to sleep next to who on the floor.

15. Despite bringing toothbrushes to your girly sleepovers, no one would actually use them. You were having too much fun!

Girly sleepovers


16. The next morning, when your parents came to pick you up, you’d be sleep-deprived and grumpy for the rest of the day.