Having six weeks off might sound like a dream come true - but the summer holidays aren't always fun...


1. Helping out in the garden

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean kids want to be made to mow the lawn and trim the hedges!

2. ‘Sight seeing’

No kid wants to be dragged around a pile of rocks, or see a small tower at the best of times, especially not in the heat of summer!

3. Visiting local villages

This applies more to actual holidays, just because you’re on holiday it doesn’t mean you need to visit the local villages and ‘look around’ because its pointless and boring. NOTE: never visit a local market, they’re the most boring places in the world!

4. Sandals/Flip-flops

Who decided they were a good idea? More uncomfortable than walking barefoot… and they look ridiculous.

5. Relaxing by the pool

There’s nothing more frustrating as a kid when you want to do something fun, but your parents are just lounging around by the pool.

6. Fishing

Seriously parents, who actually enjoys fishing? It’s just a way of sitting on a boat for hours doing absolutely nothing for 99 per cent of the time. The ‘fun’ is catching a fish! Even then, they’re disgusting to look at anyway…

7. Sun Cream

It’s acceptable if the sun is particularly strong, but the fact it’s it’s summer doesn’t mean factor 50 has to be used just because it stopped raining.

8. Choc Ices

The single most pathetic excuse for an ice cream ever and apparently the only one in the fridge every summer…because no-one eats them.

9. Rain

Seriously? Rain every day in the first week of July. I know it’s not only kids who get annoyed by this, but come on! We want to be outside not stuck in doors.

10. Being made to do extra chores

Being made to do extra chores on the basis of having more free time is so frustrating. It’s called the summer holidays not the summer clean-the-house-days.


By Matthew Walker