Yes, yes, pregnancy is a magical time, but it has its annoyances too. If you're part of the bump brigade, you're sure to have experienced these...


1. ‘You’ve gotten so big!’ is not a compliment. Never. Ever.

2. And don’t ask us if we’re expecting twins. Even if we are.

3. Yes, we have cravings…just food! Sometimes we’re so unbelievably ravenously hungry…

pregnant women: eating cereal


4. …yet after just a few mouthfuls we’re so full we feel as if we’re about to pop.

5. We slide into bed each night as we’re so slathered in stretch mark oil.

6. Talking of which, there can never be enough stretch mark oil in the world. Keep it coming!

7. It’s perfectly acceptable to be tucked up in bed by 9pm each night.

pregnant women: sleeping


8. And then be up and down to the loo all night.

9. People wobbling our bumps without asking is never welcome. Would you like it if we wobbled your belly?!

10. Whenever we venture to the gym we get double-takes from concerned men asking, ‘should you be exercising?’

pregnant women: exercising


11. Clothes shopping is boring. Just because we’re pregnant, doesn’t mean we automatically want to start dressing like a frumpy old woman.

12. We’ve learned to live with the fact we’ll always have food stains and drips on our tops where the bump sticks out.

13. Our tights really do go up to our chests now.

Written by Rachel Tompkins