You can't beat curling up with a good book! If you're a self-confessed bookworm, some of these might be familiar...


1. Hoarding



Yes, you’ve already read it, but it’s still nice to keep it on the shelf! And you can’t walk past a charity shop without popping in to see if there’s a book you fancy buying (there ALWAYS is!). Time to get another bookcase…

2. Long journeys

Reading on train


Some people dread long train journeys or commutes, but you look forward to them. All the more time to get on with your book!

3. Non-bookworm



You don’t read!!?? Obviously not everyone can be a bookworm, but you can’t understand people who say they ‘don’t read’. What!? You make it your mission to find something that your non-reader friend will agree to try (and enjoy).

4. Let’s compare

Talking about books


You get excited talking to other book-lovers, either to get recommendations or to share views on literature you’ve both read. It sounds geeky, but you love it!!

5. The big screen

Book to film


When you read a really great novel, you can picture each character, what they look like and sound like, as if they were right in front of you…and then you make the mistake of watching the film version. How can they cast a glamorous, American actress as a working-class, northern girl!?

6. Popular fiction

Picky about books


You can’t stand bad books that become popular. Fifty shades of what?! And don’t even get me started on Twilight

7. It’s therapy



If ever you’re feeling stressed or low, a good book is all you need to escape from it all. There’s no better therapy!

8. From reader to author



You’ve read enough stories, good and bad, of so many genres, you reckon that if you ever put pen to paper, you probably wouldn’t do a bad job. It’s just getting round to it…

9. General knowledge

Maths Simpsons


You probably loved English at school, though as an adult you might regret not having paid more attention in some of the other classes. But reading fictional books can educate us about all sorts of things – Science, History, Geography – even, yes, Maths!

10. You know what you like

Sherlock Holmes


If you read something amazing, as soon as you’ve finished you’ll be Googling the author to find out what else they’ve written. And you often end up buying the whole collection!

11. Interruptions



We’ve all been there – you’re down to the last 10 pages of your book, everything’s coming together, the plot’s finally unravelled and you’re totally gripped… Then the phone rings/someone knocks at the door/your train pulls into the station, and the moment’s lost. Noooooo!

12. Hard reads

Hard read


A bookworm hates to be defeated by a book, no matter how arduous it is to finish. You might be propping your eyes open with matchsticks, but you WILL NOT let Crime And Punishment defeat you!

13. E-readers

Book or ereader


You’re suspicious of Kindles and the like. Yes, it’s great they’re so small and portable, and you can download lots of books onto them, and they have that anti-glare thing – but it’s just not the same as flicking through the crisp pages of a lovely new book.