If you were ever ill and off school in the 80’s some of these daytime TV shows may jog your memory. We didn't have the internet or ipads, so a bed on the sofa meant we had to watch whatever was on any of the four channels!


1. So bored you watched Pebble Mill At One

Paul Coia interviewing Barbara Dixon anyone?


2. You got engrossed in Crown Court

Did Mrs Pauline Carline of Fulchester maliciously wound her husbands ex wife by throwing peanuts at her? A real legal cliff hanger…


3. Watching Sons & Daughters not knowing what was going on

Sing along everyone…

Sons and Daughters
Love and laughter
Tears of sadness and happiness….


4. Then more Australian drama from the Sullivans!

Inoffensive war time soap from down under, where nothing much ever happened!


5. Hours and hours of pages from Ceefax

This was our information super highway! News, stock prices and football scores all with a middle of the road Muzak sound track.


6. See saw and bod!

Even though we were too old we could indulge in watching kid’s Televisions. But what a theme tune! Bet you can hum PC Plod’s theme and guess which flavour milkshake Alberto the frog will choose!


7. Then finding yourself watching a dull Schools and Colleges programme about biology

Pretending to shoot the dots down first though!

It was enough to make you want to get better and get back to school!