OK, whether you're super-organised, shamefully scatty or somewhere in-between, chances are you've probably experienced mysterious disappearances of some of these items…

1. Hair bands

things girls own: hairbands


It really is one of life’s great mysteries. Where do these little mischievious things go? You buy a pack of 50, even 100, thinking you’re stocked up forever (and the most-organised person ever) but, within a few weeks, you’re whittled back down to just one or two. That last one you treasure like gold…until the cycle starts again, of course… Sound familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!


2. Phone/keys/purse

things girls own: phone keys purse


With endless pockets and compartments and a build-up of items over the weeks (or, let’s face it, months), it can often seem like an impossible task to find what you need in your handbag. We all know that moment of absolute sheer panic – heart pounding – when you can’t find one of your VIBs (very important belongings) in there. It’s usually your phone, purse or keys. Even though you swear it’s just vanished, it’s not until you completely empty the contents of your bag that you discover said item was there all along. How?!


3. An item of clothing

things girls own: items of clothing


So you head to your wardrobe, having planned your outfit, and you’re suddenly confronted with – horror of horrors – that top you’d planned on wearing is gone! The next few hours are spent burrowing though your entire wardrobe, endless clothes drawers, under the bed, the washing, asking anyone and everyone if they’ve seen it… Then back to square one: nothing to wear, the mourning of your beloved top and one big mess to clear up.


4. Socks

things girls own: socks


Technically, they’re also an item of clothing, but we think socks deserve their own special mention. With new socks comes a new promise – never let left and right part. But, somehow, over the course of the year, they flee each other. And when you’ve run out of matching ones, you’re faced with the decision of which two odds match the best to make a pair. Where DO they go?!


5. Make-up products

things girls own: makeup


Lots of us are guilty of owning far too many make-up products and tools – but we often only ever use our staples and favourites, leaving 100s of other products in the back of the drawer. That’s why it can be very troublesome when one of these important and crucial products vanishes – nothing else will quite do the job! Often transporting our make-up to work, on holidays, to the boyfriend’s, on nights outs, means that, now and then, items sadly disappear from our make-up bags. Common culprits are eye-liners and lipsticks! And, as our make-up bags can be so chock-a-block, it can be hard to notice immediately when something has gone astray. Until you desperately need it, of course…


6. Hair slides/clips

things girls own: hairslides and clips


Just when you’ve got your hair ready in the perfect updo, where are all your hair slides and clips you need to keep it in place?! You were sure there were 100s in your drawer the other day. Looks like the hairband fairy must have pinched those, too…


7. Essential beauty tools

things girls own: beauty tools


Brushes…tweezers…we need them NOW! Trouble is, you use em in hurry, throw them down and then, next time they’re needed…WHERE ARE THEY?! Not great when you’ve got minutes to spare to remove your developing monobrow!

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