Misunderstood as a shy loner, branded a brat… If you’re an only child, such stereotypes are old news. Sure, we may not be the best at sharing but, trust us, being sibling-free has heaps of benefits…


1. You never have to share your toys as a kid, or clothes, make-up, food (or anything else!), as you get older.

2. That said, you do learn to share, but on your terms. And only with people you like!

3. You are, and always will be, the best – at everything. Well, there’s no competition!

4. Until you actually do something wrong, then there’s no-one else to blame.

5. As kids, us only children are great at making up games to entertain ourselves.

6. The down side is, we talk to ourselves – a lot!

Flushed Away - Dancing with Myself

Flushed Away – Dancing with Myself

7. FYI, we can refer to ourselves as a ‘spoilt brat’, but no-one else can!

8. On that note, while we are most definitely spoilt rotten, not all only children are brats, honestly!

9. You always ‘win’ Monopoly, or any other game come to think of it.

10. No-one tries to pin you down and pretend they’re going to spit into you’re mouth. Seriously, that’s what happens if you have a brother or sister. Gross!

11. At uni/work you label all your stuff, so no-one else touches it!



12. You always get asked if you’d have liked a brother or sister growing up. What and share stuff, I don’t think so!

13. That said, you’re always a little bit jealous of your friends who have siblings they actually get on with, and wonder if you have a secret one you never knew about. Though you only want to find them when you’re, say, 90, so sharing is out!

Joey, from Friends, doesn’t share food...

Joey, from Friends, doesn’t share food…

14. Believe it or not there are a few downers to being an only child… Your parents wait up for you when to come back from a night out in fear of you never making it home alive – even when you’re 50!

15. There are photos of you everywhere in your parent’s house – and we mean utterly embarrassing ones – everywhere!

16. The pressure for grandkids lies solely with you…

17. Devoid of siblings with hot friends, your parents will set you up if things get desperate. Trust me, it never begins, or ends well!

18. You deal with babies badly. They freak you out, as you haven’t had any experience with your siblings’ kids.

19. Like Bridget Jones, you fear you’ll die alone and be eaten by Alsatians.

Bridget Jones's Diary

Bridget Jones’s Diary

20. So you always want to marry into a big family. That way you get all the best bits of having surrogate siblings, but without the petty squabbles.

21. We’re just like everyone else!