Celebrate the cult classic's 40th birthday by taking 11 props to the Rocky Horror Picture Show next time you go to a screening! Here's all you need to know to turn yourself into a fully-fledged Rocky Horror fan!


Dress to impress

man ripping open shirt to reveal basque


Before you set off to your Rocky Horror Picture Show screening, dress the part! Basques, suspenders and high heels are popular for girls and boys, doctors’ scrubs, or, indeed, a copy of any costume worn in the show. Whatever you do, don’t dress in jeans and a T-shirt, nor anything that might get spoiled if you get doused in water! So now you’re all attired and you’ve memorised the steps to the Time Warp, here’s what you’ll need to take, what to do with it and when…


1. Confetti

Pink and white wedding confetti on the ground


When the wedding party exits the church at the beginning of the film, throw a handful of confetti in the air as the wedding guests do the same. Keep some back though as you’ll need to throw it a bit later when Frank-N-Furter and Rocky head to the bedroom at the end of the reprise of the Charles Atlas Song!


2. A newspaper

Folded newspaper


As soon as Brad and Janet get out of the car in the pouring rain, Janet puts a newspaper over her head. That’s your cue to do the same…


3. Water pistol

Blue plastic water pistol


…The newspaper should protect you, too, as everyone squirts their water pistols into the air as Brad and Janet make their way through the storm.


4. Torch

Hand torch switched on


Light up the room when it comes to the ‘There’s a light’ verse in the Over At The Frankenstein Place song.


5. Rubber gloves

Yellow rubber gloves


Now, on with those gloves. Wait for the creation speech by Frank. He snaps his gloves three times and you should do so at the same time. Latex gloves in surround-sound!


6. Football rattle

Wooden football rattle


Make as much racket as you can when it comes to the end of the Creation speech along with all the Transylvanians on screen.


7. Toilet paper

Roll of white toilet paper


When Dr Scott enters and Brad says ‘Great Scott!’ throw your toilet paper (in honour of Scott toilet paper, of course!)


8. Toast

Slice of toast


Just make sure it’s not covered in butter or jam, as when Frank-N-Furter proposes a TOAST at dinner you should throw your toast into the air.


9. Party Hat

Two party hats, one blue one multicoloured


When the guests sit down at the dinner table, put your party hat on when Frank dons his.


10. Bell

Brass hand bell with wooden handle


During the song Planet Schmanet Janet, Frank sings ‘Did you hear a bell ring?’, that’s your cue to make more noise!


11. ºPlaying cards

playing cards being thrown


Finally, throw all your cards up in the air as Frank sings the lines ‘Cards for sorrow, cards for pain’ in the song I’m Going Home.


And after all that, sure you’ll be Time Warping all the way home…