Many of us have been on a diet at some point in our lives, and there are some trials and tribulations of dieting that we all share…


1. The guilt

You know, you accidentally ate a massive slice of cake and now you hate yourself for it. Don’t worry, tomorrow is another day…

2. The fear

You have to go out for dinner at a restaurant you’ve never been to before. Will they have anything you can eat? Will you have to ask for salad without dressing AGAIN?

3. The joy

Your thin jeans that were consigned to the back of the wardrobe suddenly fit! You’re giddy with joy, the pain is absolutely worth it for these moments.

11 things all dieters understand


4. The jealousy

You watch one of your friends eating all of those things you can’t, and you hate them a little for it.

5. The hunger

You know those times when the hunger takes over. You will yourself to not make any bad decisions.

6. The smugness

Friends notice your weight loss and commend your willpower. Yes, you are in control… most of the time. They don’t need to know about those times when you’ve given into the hunger monster. You know, when the only way you can stop yourself eating that whole cake is by throwing it in the bin.



7. The obsession

You find yourself thinking about food A LOT. You plan what treats you can have and look forward to them like you would a holiday.

8. The skills

You know the values of everything, what is good for you and what isn’t, without even thinking. You’ve become a dieting don and you feel pretty good about it.

9. The disappointment

So you’ve decided you can have that slice of pizza or doughnut. As you take your first bite, disappointment washes over you. This isn’t worth the calories you’re wasting on it. Your standards get higher and higher. If you’re going to spend those sacred calories it had better be worth it!

10 things all dieters understand


10. The love-hate relationship

Your bathroom scales become your best friend and sworn enemy all rolled into one. You’re heady with anticipation as you step onto the scales. What kind of day is it going to be today?

11. The dieting beacon

So all of your friends know you’re on a diet, but you don’t bang on about it. That doesn’t stop them from talking to you about food constantly if they’re dieting, because you know, you’ve been there.


How many of these dieting issues do you recognise?