All deaths are sad, but some are also just a little bit silly. Like these unlucky folk whose own stupidity lead to their demise...


Who hasn’t made a stupid decision in their time? But for these poor people, their moment of madness was their last…

1. A fishy death

Stupid deaths goldfish


In Ohio, a silly young man gobbled down a live 5in goldfish. As the fish fought back, the man gasped for breath. Paramedics were called and arrived to find a fish tail still protruding from the victim’s mouth. It resulted in the death of the man, and also the fish.


2. Glass act

stupid deaths office block


A Canadian lawyer charged at the windowpane on the 24th storey of his office block to show off the strength of the glass. But he crashed through the window to his death.


3. What a mug!



In South Africa, a mugger fled after pinching a mobile phone. Spotting a fence, he scaled it thinking he’d made his escape. Instead he’d climbed the fence to the tiger enclosure at the zoo – where he was promptly mauled to death.


4. Shot by a sheep!

stupid deaths flock of sheep


In Egypt. a shepherd was found shot dead. Police discovered he’d nodded off, leaving his rifle on the ground – and one of his sheep had trodden on the trigger.


5. Un-clucky for some

stupid deaths hen


Another unlucky Egyptian drowned trying to save a chicken that had fallen down a well. Five more folk followed him in, in a bid to save the bird, but all perished. The chicken, however, survived.


6. Leap of faith

stupid deaths bungee jumper


An American man fashioned his own bungee cord, so he could leap off a bridge. The daredevil carefully measured the drop from the bridge, and the length of the bungee rope. Unfortunately he made them both 70ft…


 7. Death by cuppa

stupid deaths cup of tea


A New Zealand woman was so desperate for a cuppa, she tried to make one while driving. Distracted, she drove off a cliff and was found dead, three days later – still holding a box of tea bags with her Thermos by her feet.


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