There's more to the beloved presenter than meets the eye...

1. She is the very proud owner of British bulldog named Bernie.

2. She was born in Luton, and revisited her hometown as part of her documentary, Stacey Dooley Investigates: My Hometown Fanatics.

3. It’s not all serious documentaries! Stacey is a HUGE Love Island fan (take a look at her Twitter page if you don’t believe us!)

4. Stacey appeared on Celebrity Mastermind back in 2015, where her specialist subject was the hit US TV show Girls.

5. Stacey rose to fame after taking part in 2007 BBC3 show Blood Sweat and T-Shirts. As part of the programme, six young fashion lovers travelled to India to uncover the dark reality of the high-street clothing industry.

6. During her 10-year career, Stacey has investigated everything from sex trafficking, domestic violence and even the women taking on ISIS.

7. Stacey was held by Japanese police earlier this year whilst filming in Tokyo for a documentary about sexual exploitation.

8. Back in February, Stacey teamed up with the inspirational Katie Piper to present the Single documentary award to the team behind ‘Teenage Prison Abuse Exposed’ at the TV BAFTAs.

9. She has been brainwashed! In one of her most controversial series to date, Stacey immersed herself in the worlds of sports hunting and an anti-abortion boot camp in order to try to understand the two group’s extreme beliefs.

10. She’s had a chat with the president’s son. During filming for Brainwashing Stacey Dooley, Stacey interviewed Donald Trump Jr. about his views on hunting.

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