We all love a soap opera baddie. Here's our top 5 nastiest soap villains – in reverse order...


At Number 5…

Villain 5 Tracy Barlow Coronation Street


Tracy really is a mean piece of work. To win a bet, she nearly drove poor innocent Roy Cropper to suicide by lying and pretending that they’d slept together.

She made it her goal to split old flame Steve up from his wife Becky, and succeeded. By lying, accusing Becky of pushing her down a flight of stairs causing her to miscarry her and Steve’s twins.

But her most vicious act to date was killing her boyfriend Charlie Stubbs by hitting him on the head with a metal statue after finding out he’d cheated on her. She tried to get away with it by claiming it was self-defence, but was found guilty!

As soap villains go, this Weatherfield resident takes some beating.


At Number 4…

Soap Vilain No 4 Cameron Murray


Cameron cheats on his girlfriend, Debbie Dingle, by having an affair with her own aunt, Chas, and things turn really nasty in order to keep his naughty secrets hidden.

He kills Carl by smacking him on the head with a brick and takes Alex hostage in a haulage van then murders him, burying him in the Emmerdale woods.

After helping Gennie Sharma out of a car crash, fearing she would expose his crimes she overheard him confess to, Cameron put his hand over Gennie’s mouth and killed her, too.

After holding several people hostage inside the Woolpack at gunpoint and attempting to drown his girlfriend Debbie in the flooded cellar, he finally meets his death by being electrocuted after grabbing onto a light bulb while immersed in the cellar’s rising water.

Goodbye to one of the Dales’ nastiest residents.



At Number 3…

Soap Villain No 3 Richard Hillman


Richard was a character not to be messed with. Doing everything from tricking people out of their inheritance money to murder.

Tricky Dicky will go down in soap history as one of Weatherfield’s scariest serial killers after murdering his ex-wife Patricia, playing a part in the death of business partner Duggie, hitting Emily Bishop over the head with a crow bar and murdering his neighbour, Maxine Peacock.

To top it off, when his crimes were finally revealed, he tried to kill himself, Gail and her family by driving into the canal.

The cruellest, most callous chap to walk those famous cobbles!


At Number 2…

Soap Villain No 2 Janine Butcher


Janine became a character everyone loves to hate. She started out as a bratty schoolgirl, but quickly transformed into a double killer.

A former cocaine addict, alcoholic and prostitute, Janine hit an all-time low after marrying used-car dealer Barry Evans simply to fleece him of his cash. After they tied the knot in Scotland, she coldly pushed him off a cliff and watched him fall.

But also in her catalogue of crime…

– She attempted to marry an elderly Jewish man for his money, which involved posing as a Jewish orphan.

– She was later tried and cleared of the murder of long-term rival Laura Beale.

– She ran over and killed Danielle Jones.

– Slowly tried to poison Ryan (another husband), because she didn’t like the way he looked at Stacey Slater.

– Killing husbands has become a bit of a habit with Janine, as she also stabbed Michael Moon, her most recent husband and the father of her child.

Something also tells me we haven’t seen the last of this young lady yet either!


And at Number 1…

Soap Villain No 1 Nick Cotton


Of course, number one is Nick Cotton!

He didn’t earn the nickname Nasty Nick for nothing! With so many crimes under his belt, it’s a job to know where to start!

Years of drug abuse and stealing (normally from his own mother) culminated in him murdering pensioner Reg Cox, although he got away with probation.

While attempting to come off heroin, he also killed Queen Vic landlord Eddie Royle.

He unwittingly caused the death of his own 17-year-old son Ashley, who stole Mark Fowler’s motorbike, unaware that his dad had tampered with the brakes.

Nick tried to poison long-suffering mum Dot to get his hands on her £1,000 bingo win.

He also tried to exchange his own young daughter Kirstie for money.

We saw him fake his own death, only to return to the Square, convincing his mum to keep him hidden in her house and not turn him in.

His final act was causing a horrific car crash on the Square after tampering with the brakes of his son Charlie’s fiance’s car, resulting in her falling into a coma. She was heavily pregnant at the time of the crash with Nick’s own grandson.

But we finally saw the last of him during EastEnders’ 30th anniversary episodes when he died a drug-related death in a derelict house as mum Dot looked on and did nothing to save him.

A not-so-fond farewell to Walford’s most evil son!