There's an app for that... but the real question is why?! If you've got a smart phone and a daft sense of humour you might enjoy downloading these apps...

1. FatBooth

What would you look like with a few extra pounds? How about a few extra chins?! Find out with FatBooth, a photo app that makes your selfies supersized. Maybe print one off and pop it on the biscuit tin!


2. Poo Log



Poo Log allows you to track your digestive workings and graph your poo – all with one hand! With handy references, trivia, and interesting, erm, nuggets.


3. iSwap Faces



Ever wanted to swap faces with a friend? Now you can! This app switches the faces of any two people in a picture…with hilarious (and sometimes terrifying) results.


 4. Pimple Popper

Maybe you miss your teenage years, but it’s unlikely it’s the spots that you’re missing. But if you are, this app lets you pop virtual zits. Ick!


5. Cat Piano



The sound of cats singing isn’t known for being beautiful – but it must be for some. This silly app lets you play a piano made up of cat miaows. A round of Careless Whisker anyone?


6. Helium Video Booth

The app takes any video on your phone and gives everyone on it squeaky chipmunk voices. Very silly… but hours of fun (big kids, us?)


7. Game for Cats

An iPad game for your pussy cat! A laser pointer moves around the screen for your mog to chase. You can even control the direction of the pointer from your iPhone. It can even compete for points against other cats online.


8. Aging Booth

Get ready to face your future… Learn what you’ll look like when you’re old with this app that instantly greys your hair and gives you wrinkles.


9. Crazy mouth

A lot of silly apps are about changing your face – and here’s another! Choose a crazy cartoon mouth from the collection, then hold your phone in front of your gob for a zany new look, complete with it’s own very weird noises…


Will you be downloading any of these silly apps? Let us know in the comments box below…