You don’t have to have been born in London (though it helps!) to be a Londoner! After you’ve lived and/or worked there for long enough, it seeps into your soul. So how much of a Londoner are you?

image of heart with lots of London symbols


1. You know the tube lines off by heart.

2. You’ve never done one of those indoor tours of Buckingham Palace people queue hours for in summer. You’ve also never visited The Tower Of London, Madame Tussauds or Westminster Cathedral.

3. When you hear tourists say, ‘Wow, Big Ben!’, you don’t even look up. Whatever!

4. Sirens used to make you stop and look, but now you don’t notice them any more.

5. Crowds don’t faze you at all.

image og crowded London street


6. You would never, ever go to Topshop Oxford Circus, or Primark at Marble Arch on a weekend.

7. You’ve don’t bother tutting at people walking slowly on the pavement, you just walk down the edge of the road instead.

8. You know where to get on the train so that when it arrives at your station you’re handily placed right in front of the exit.

9. You don’t raise even an eyebrow when asked for £8 for a fish-finger sandwich, a fiver for a pint, or a tenner for a cocktail.

10. You’re not embarrassed at shouting ‘move down inside the carriage please’.

11. You know which ‘No entry’ signs in tube stations to ignore for the short cuts to the platform.

12. You get angry with people who don’t stand on right on the escalator – and yes people, the same etiquette goes for the escalators in Selfridges and John Lewis too!



13. Hookers and the homeless are invisible.

14. You’re suspicious of strangers who are actually nice to you.

15. You have an abnormal hatred of cyclists – especially those that ride on the pavements/ignore red lights/shout at you to get out of THEIR way!

16. Secretly, you’ll always think you’re slightly cooler than non-Londoners.

17. When it comes to London, you might be an old cynic, but that view from Waterloo Bridge (or indeed any of the bridges) will always makes you stop, smile and be oh-so glad that you’re a true Londoner!

image of the view from waterloo bridge