If you're a girl who grew up in the nineties and noughties then you may remember (or perhaps you've forgotten) some of these shops on our local high streets. You might cringe when you look back on the outfit choices probably bought from some of these shops, but it's OK cos we all did it... and we thought we looked good at the time!


1. Tammy Girl


While your mum shopped in your Etam you were busy feeling so grown up browsing Tammy Girl – one of the shops that may have kicked off the start of your teen shopping. Some of those Surfer Babe, 100% angel and Disco Chick tops probably lurked in your wardrobe for a little while into senior school.

2. Dolcis

PA Photos

PA Photos

Wanting to update your school shoes for something more current? Then Dolcis was a high street favourite for shoes. Remember the craze for dolly shoes (better known as pumps now). You said goodbye to Clarks sensible shoes forever.

3. Morgan

MorganIt was a little pricier than the other high street stores, so often you’d just have one t-shirt or jumper with Morgan written across the front – which you’d wear with enormous pride. Another statement piece was the Morgan tote bag which soon took place of your school rucksack…

4.  Pineapple and 5. Kookai

pineapple and kookai

…or a Pineapple or Kookai tote bag which was another school kit alternative. Arriving to class with one of these you were ready to take on the world.

6. Jane Norman

PA Photos

We loved Jane Norman for it’s figure hugging dresses and knitwear. And you’d always keep the bright pink carrier bag as that was another essential for taking your overnight stuff for sleepovers at your mates.

7. MK One

MK One

Another firm favourite for pre-teen and early teens was MK One. Sadly it collapsed into adminstration in 2008. We’ll always remember the MK One jingle.

8, 9 and 10. Clobber, Kaos and Zero Zero

Let’s face it, these were cheap and cheerful, but had all the ra-ra skirts and Uggs lookalikes you could desire. And back when we mostly relied on Mum and Dad’s pockets or Saturday job wages we were happy enough! They sold plenty of those bright towelling tracksuits which were an (unfortunate) craze at one point as well as ridiculous ankle-breaking chunky heels.

11. Pilot

Pilot logo

Pilot had loads of choice and was very affordable. You can still find Pilot clothing online, but they run independently from of the Pilot shops – if you can still find any about!

12. Bay Trading Co.

PA Photos

PA Photos

The Bay Trading Company, known as Bay Trading, or simply just Bay, had over 100 stores across the UK selling fashion and jewellery. Bay Trading sold lots of belly bars, so when we had our navels pierced, which we’d spend hours choosing which (rather tacky) one we’d want next – a jewelled butterfly, Playboy Bunny, or some cherries perhaps?


Are there any other shops you remember if you were a 00s teen?