Bald is sexy! So, move over hairy hipsters - some folk like a fella who's smooooooooth...


1. Errol Brown

Sexy: Error Brown

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RIP, You Sexy Thing… We never could resist snuggling down with some Hot Chocolate on a cold winter’s night.


2. Samuel L Jackson

Sexy: Samuel L Jackson

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He can land his Snake on our Plane any day of the week… Oh, and that L stands for Leroy, by the way.


3. Jason Statham

Sexy: Jason Statham

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Phwoar – wouldn’t mind a Snatch of his Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels… But did you know the tough-guy actor used to be a diver and competed for England in the Commonwealth Games?


4. Telly Savalas

Sexy: Telly Savalas

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Who Loves Ya, Baby? We Do! Now give us a lick of your lollipop… The late, great Kojak actor’s first name was actually Aristotelis, and he was known to have said, ‘Everybody should have a little Greek in them.’


5. Vin Diesel

Sexy: Vin Diesel

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Fast and Furious alright, the New Yorker is xXx rated (though slightly less so under his real name of Mark Sinclair…)


6. Jake Wood

Sexy: Jake Wood

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Yeah, we Wood, too! We reckon the homegrown Easties star takes sexy to the Max (Branning). And he didn’t Tango too badly on Strictly last year,  either, did he?


7. Richard Fairbrass

Sexy: Richard Fairbrass

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Too Sexy For His Shirt – and, it seems, his comb. But he was Rear Of The Year winner 1994!


So, do you like bald men, or hairy ones?