Our pick of the best make-up tutorials to try for Halloween! Get inspired with these easy-to-follow videos or just sit back and be amazed by their ghoulish efforts!


The days of black lipstick and a drizzle of fake blood are gone, YouTube beauty bloggers have created mind-blowing make-up tutorials from costume classics like Black Swan to the creepy Fornicus monster from Cabin in the Woods.

1. Red Queen – Alice In Wonderland

Tim Burton’s Red Queen created by Emma Pickles is a quick and simple tutorial to follow with dramatic results!


2. Black Swan

Recreate Natalie Portman’s Black Swan, with McKenzie Mann’s lesson…


3. Pop Art

Why not transform yourself into a Roy Lichtenstein-inspired artwork? This how-to by Emma Pickles gives fab results – you just need to have patience painting on the dots!


4. Cabin In The Woods

Follow Emma Pickles tutorial to create Fornicus, a monster from the 2012 horror movie Cabin In The Woods. This look is a little tricky to perfect but the final results are perfect for fright night!


5. Corpse Bride

Recreate Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride for an effective cartoon Halloween make-up style. Also perfect for kids as you can easily simplify the design.


6. The Joker

This look is guaranteed to impress at parties and Bobby Cohen shows it’s surprisingly simple to recreate by using scar wax, white face paint, eyeliner and red lipstick.


7. Shattered Ventriloquist Doll

Perfect if you don’t want to be using fake blood – and relatively easy to recreate.


8. Chucky

The classic horror movie about the doll possessed by the soul of a serial killer. See how Jessica Harlow creates her version of ‘sexy Chucky’ – complete with genius use for your old shopping tags!


9. Harley Quinn

This super-villain comic character who fell in love with the Joker is a perfect Halloween look! Julia Graf’s Harley Quin inspired look is dark but still cute – great if you don’t want full-on gore!


Will you be trying any of these out this Halloween?