Planning the holiday of a lifetime watching the animal kingdom enjoying its unspoilt habitat? Some of these ever-so-slightly obvious tips may help you enjoy it more...

1. Don’t hang your arm out of the window. Unless you’re willing to lose one…

2. Definitely don’t get out of the car. Unless you’re willing to lose more than an arm…some animals aren’t choosy what, or who, they have for lunch!

3. At designated picnic areas remember to close your windows… Any snacks or clothes left on seats within a monkeys reach could well end up disappearing up a tree.


4. Treat yourself to a pair of decent binoculars…is that a lion or a hyena? Definitely a lion…tick it off. You saw one of the big five!

5. Get a decent camera, too, and have it ready at all times! And a full back up charger and/or spare memory cards! You don’t want to miss seeing a Zebra, er, crossing.


6. Don’t smear yourself in meat dripping and run through the Serengeti, unless you have very good travel insurance!

7. Take a pair of decent sunglasses… I spent days squinting, plays havoc with the wrinkles. Ahem laughter lines. A hat works wonders as well.


8. Before your trip get the relevant jabs and medication. I don’t mean a quick trip to Boots when you’ve finished in duty free.

9. Take a night trip, or an early guided walk. You’re all but guaranteed to see one or more of the big five. It’s worth it even if you do have to wake up before sunrise.


10. Take plenty of water, you could be sat in a hot car for several hours…

11. Use that mozzie spray! Deet is the best in my experience, I came back without a single bite. A few weeks later, I went to Malta and was bitten to high heaven because I hadn’t used any spray.

12. A real must is a spotters/guide book for deciphering which species of bird or animal you’re looking at. Is that a definitely a lion this time?


13. Don’t take an elephant home with you!

14. Shouting, ‘Oi animals,’ whilst clapping and whistling probably won’t encourage many to be visible, and more often will annoy fellow safari travellers.

15. It’s the chance of a lifetime, so breath it in. It’s a far cry from your 9-5 office job.


What’s worse than a giraffe with a sore throat?




An aardvark with the sniffles!