It seems that the stresses of driving can lead some people to lose the plot. But in these cases, they didn't just lose their tempers, they ended up killing


1. Kenneth Noye

Our first road rage killer is Kenneth Noye who in 1996 stabbed Stephen Cameron to death on a slip road of the M25. After the incident Noye immediately fled the country sparking a huge police hunt. He was eventually tracked down in 1998 to Spain and found guilty in a high security trial.

Kenneth Noye

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Noye was a known criminal dealing in stolen goods and was thought to have spent the 1970s and early 1980s as a police informer with a number of corrupt senior officers in his pocket. Dealing in Noye took advantage of his police contacts turning informant when it suited him and paying officers to look the other way at other times.

Later in 1983 he helped smelt down 6,800 gold bars worth £26million from the famous Brink’s-Mat gold heist. Police began a full surveillance operation, watching his house 24 hours a day. When one night in January 1985, two specialist surveillance officers crept into his garden Noye went out with his dogs and stabbed to death undercover policeman John Fordham.

He was later acquitted on the grounds of self-defence after convincing the jury he thought the undercover officer, dressed in black fatigues, was an underworld enemy. He did however serve 8 years of a 14 year sentence for VAT fraud connected to the Brink’s-Mat gold.

When he was found guilty of Stephen Cameron’s murder, Noye turned the to 12 women and men on the jury and said ‘I hope you all die of cancer.’


2. Paul Lyons

Paul Lyons was a well known member of a notorious Glasgow crime family.  In the early hours of June 2009, high on a cocktail of drugs and booze he rammed into father of two Mark Fleeman’s van at speeds over 70mph in an apparent road rage attack.

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Shopfitter Mark was driving along the M74 to a job with his 17 year old apprentice, Lee Allsup when they encountered Lynos driving aggressively and erractically. All it took to set the 28 year old Lyons off was a gesture Mark made to him in respinse to his dangerous driving.

Lyons then repeatedly tried to crash into Mark eventually collidiinng with him and sending Mark’s van careening off the motorway. His van flipped several times before landing on its side. Mark died in the accident and his passenger Lee Allsup was seriously injured.

Lyon then fled the country to Spain but was caught not long afrer and brought back to the UK were he admitted to killing Mark in the road rage incident.


3. Karl Donohoe

In September 2010 father of three Raymond Bates was beaten to death with a hurling stick by Karl Donohoe  in  sleepy suburb of Dublin.  Raymond had drunk up to ten pints of Guinness before getting into his car and driving home.



He then started tailgating and flashing his lights at Donohoe’s car who was travelling with his 18 month old daughter. Both drivers got out of their car where they began to argue where Raymond shouted at Donohoe “Don’t be braking like a f****** fanny, just drive your f****** car.”

Both got back in their cars, but shortly afterwards, Raymond overtook Donohoe, mounted a central island before cutting in on Donohoes car. Donohoe got a hurling stick and began to hit Raymond’s car as it blocked his path.

When Raymond got out his car Dononhoe hit him several times including a fatal blow to the temple as he lay defenceless on the ground. Raymond died four days later in hospital. Donohoe pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to 12 years in jail.

4. Douglas Feldman

On the night of 24 August 1998, Douglas Feldman was riding his Harley-Davidson motorbike along a Dallas highway.

He wasn’t alone…

Robert Everett, 36, was driving a huge, 18-wheel lorry along that same stretch. He passed Feldman and then pulled into his lane. A normal manoeuvre.



But Feldman was enraged at being supposedly cut up, or nearly run off the road. So he fired several shots at the back of the truck’s trailer. Then he reloaded and pulled up alongside the truck, and shot Robert Everett dead.

Still fuming, about 45 minutes later, Feldman spotted Nicholas Valesquez, 62, a petrol-tanker driver, at a service station. He then shot the innocent man in cold blood.

‘I exploded again in anger,’ Feldman later testified.

The motorbiker was described as having acted like ‘The Terminator’.

It was more than a week later that Feldman was arrested, after shooting and wounding another man at a fast-food outlet and driving off. While awaiting trial, the former financial analyst wrote 81 letters to his ex-girlfriend.

‘It feels wonderful to cause their death and watch their pain, he said in one of them. Without remorse, he acknowledged the killings while testifying at his capital murder trial in 1999.

A jury found him guilty and sentenced him to death. In July 2013, Douglas Feldman, 55, was executed by lethal injection.