Feeling stressed? Can’t sleep? Don’t reach for a drink, reach for your headphones. Listen to these relaxing sounds - from birds to bubble-wrap - and you'll find any tension melts away...


1. Birdsong

Imagine walking through a forest with only the trees and birds for company. What could be more relaxing?


2. Ocean waves

Pretend you’re on a tropical beach with nothing to do but listen to the sound of the surf…


3. Rainfall

It’s not fun when you’re caught in a downpour, but the sound of light rain is very soothing.


4. Church bells

The realxing sounds emanating from a church bell tower can be very a-peal-ing.


5. Scratching

We’re not sure why, but the sound of nails scratching different materials can reduce stress levels.


6. Bubble wrap

We all love to pop it – and it’s equally relaxing to hear someone else do the popping!


7. Kissing


For some people, kissing sounds can make their scalp tingle and send them off to sleep – does it work for you?


Which of these relaxing sounds would you listen to on a bad day?