Yes, smartphones can be great, and a lot of us would struggle to live without them now. But let's face it - they can also cause some of the worst annoyances ever! Whether it's somebody else driving us mad with theirs, or bad habits ourselves, these annoyances are sometimes enough to make us wish smartphones never existed...


1. They can make us feel invisible

There’s nothing more frustrating than being out with someone who has their head buried in their phone. You’re in the middle of a conversation and they’ll be distracted by a message or call. Er… hello, don’t mind us?! Or when you spot a couple out for dinner, but they’re both just sitting looking at their phones. So depressing!

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2. We have to endure other people’s music

As if public transport isn’t bad enough with overcrowding, delays and costly fares, there’s always the chance you’ll be stood next to some ignorant passenger who has their music blaring through the earphones. Infuriating – and always seems to be the people with the worst taste in music too!

3.  We’re forced to listen to chit chat

You just want to shut your eyes and relax on your journey home, but you get stuck sat near to someone who’s having the loudest phone conversation possible. You’re forced to listen to a very trivial chit chat and learn about the lives of people you really don’t care about.

4. We can’t connect

Do you ever just miss a phone call from someone, call them straight back, but then they don’t answer? Surely they have their phone right in front of them! It ends up being far too long til you finally get through to each other. Or people that simply do not answer their phones or reply full stop! Aren’t phones meant to make communication easier?!

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5. They’re an addiction

It’s a sad truth for a lot of us, that when you forget or lose your smartphone, you get withdrawal symptoms. We’re so accustomed to having them nearby, we just feel lost when we’re without them. Yes, they’re useful, but we get far too worried when we don’t have them for a short period of time. It’s like an addiction which only seems to be getting worse!

6. The horror of low battery

The dreaded ‘low battery’ notifications. Your train’s delayed, or you’ve got to wait around for a while, and your phone is your only source of communication and entertainment. You have to save your last 5% for calls and texts, but it’s very hard to leave it completely alone. You just don’t know what to do with yourself!

7. The double horror of no signal

When it comes to signal and wifi / 3G, we expect to have it constantly. When we don’t, we feel like we’re shut off from the world. But sometimes we do really need it. It’s so infuriating when your texts just won’t send, or your internet keeps cutting out. You hold your phone up in the desperate hope some will appear!

8. They can cause trouble

Hands up, whosever snooped on their partner’s phone? If you have nothing to be suspicious about then shame on you! And who’s ever text the wrong person by accident? Eek! Phones can cause all sorts of trouble!

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9. Those dreaded game requests

Yes, games are a fun way to pass the time and they can be addictive. But since apps such as CandyCrush became popular on smart phones, there’s been an influx of notifications on our social media. Please no, I still don’t want to join, or send you a life!

10. They put a dent our wallets

Updating your phone can be expensive. And when you take out extras such as insurance, owning a smart phone can cost you a small fortune. No insurance? Don’t even think about dropping it down the loo, because paying for one outright will certainly make a big dent in your bank account.

11. Everyone living through a screen

Because we can whip out our phones in a instant, people feel the need to photograph and video everything! You’ll be at a concert and you’ll see a sea of phones trying to capture the whole show! It seems everyone’s so desperate to share their experiences they forget to enjoy the moment themselves. Put the phone down and look with your eyes, not through a screen!

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12. They cause accidents

People can be so engrossed in their phones, they forget to look up and see what’s around them. Not only dangerous on the roads, but also bloomin’ annoying when people crash into you.

13. They make things awkward

Ever been at a meeting, to the theatre, wedding or even a funeral, and a mobile goes off? Or have you been that person who’s phone it is? Everyone turns to look at the culprit with menacing glares. Very awkward!