With a new album and a live tour, a-ha are still going strong. Here are some of the many many reasons why we love them!

1. Their music, obviously!

They’ve been amazing us with their genius, album after album, for decades. Thanks, guys!

2. That video

It’s still our fave music video of all time.

a-ha take on me

3. Morten’s voice

His sheer range is insane and he still sounds as good as he ever did.

4. Getting to see them live

Seeing them live is ALWAYS breathtaking. We love that they play a mixture of new and old songs. Goodness knows, they have enough to choose from after 10 studio albums.

a-ha live 2010

Rex Features

5. Their turn of phrase

‘At home a house awaits him, he unlocks the door. Thinking once there was a sea here, but there never was a door.’ Nuff said!

6. Their looks

It’s no surprise that they were on posters all over our walls…


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7. Their stranger songs

We can’t imagine a world without songs like Locust and Rolling Thunder.

8. Their creative single releases

The Sun Always Shines On TV record in the shape of an actual sun. Brilliant!


9. That they were chosen to do a Bond theme

They’re part of an elite list of global superstars chosen to record a theme for a James Bond film. We maintain that The Living Daylights is one of the best Bond songs ever.

10. Those 80s fashions

The Norwegian jumpers, expanse of denim and wrists piled high with leather. We thought it was SO cool!


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11. Their separate careers

We love that the band have solo projects, it proves that they’re brilliant separately as well as together.

12. Magne the artist

An artist as well as a musician? Magne is a man of many talents!

Magne F at Alpha-Beta exhibtion 2009

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13. THAT note in Summer Moved On

We have no words!

14. The fact that they didn’t give up for long

We were heartbroken when we heard they were breaking up for good. Luckily they changed their minds and released Cast In Steel last year, an album we already can’t imagine living without.

a-ha Cast in Steel

15. Their generosity

They ALWAYS have time for their fans, and we adore them for it!

16. The –

We don’t know why we love the – in a-ha so much, we just do!