Rockney duo Chas Hodges and Dave Peacock shot to fame in the 70s. The hits just kept on coming and now they're performing for a whole new generation of fans. And here's why we love 'em!


1. They have made us question time and again whether Sainsbury’s actually sells rabbit

Chas & Dave


2.  The fact they have a song called The Bollocks Song

3. They came up with the catchy theme tune for the Alf Garnett sitcom In Sickness And In Health

4. And on the subject of theme tunes who else could have accompanied the Jolly Boys’ Outing on Only Fools?

Chas & Dave

5. We can thank them for never forgetting the order of balls to be potted in snooker

6. For perfoming at Glastonbury in 2005

Chas & Dave

Rex Features

7. And for being able to go crazy whenever we hear The Sideboard Song

8. The speed of their lyrics could put a modern day rapper to shame

9. They opened for rock band Led Zeppelin at their huge Knebworth gigs back in 1979

Chas & Dave

Rex Features

9. They helped put Margate back on the map at the reopening of Dreamland

Chas & Dave

Rex Features

10. The lyrics of Banging In Your Head perfectly sum up our hangovers

11. And we’re so grateful for the 1982 reruns of Chas & Dave’s Xmas Knees Up! that grace our screens every year

Chas & Dave12. Which has made us realise that they are great friends with Eric Clapton. And reminds us that smoking in pubs used to be totally normal

13. We love the Diddle Um song and can still remember that 90s Heinz Baked Beans advert

14. They are die hard Spurs fans and got Argentinian footballer Osvaldo Ardiles to sing his famous line about ‘Totting-ham’ on TOTP

15. ‘Oh darling, there aint no pleasin you’ will never grow old

16. We love that Chas’ son Nik is now their regular on the drums

17. Because they think London Girls are the best in the world

18. And finally for introducing us to one tiny little word that bemuses and overjoys us in equal measures… GERTCHA!