Footie – you can't ignore it, especially during the Euros, so do you love it or loathe it? Here are some things that we find just a bit annoying...


1. It’s on all the time!

Woman looking bored while bloke watches football


Back in the day, matches were on a Saturday and sometimes there was one on a Wednesday as well. That meant footie was relatively easy to avoid. Now there seem to be games on seven days a week and on multiple TV channels.

2. It replaces your favourite TV programmes

At the end of a busy day, you’re looking forward to putting your feet up in front of Corrie. Guess what? It’s the FA Cup instead, arrgh.

3. The players are unsporting

diving football player


It seems they take any opportunity to cheat and dive, not to mention spitting – yuk! If caught out, they abuse the referee. How come rugby players don’t behave like that?

4. Everyone’s an expert

Afterwards, fans will obsess over every part of the game and spend far too long telling you why a team’s manager should be sacked. How come the players are never blamed when the team loses?

5. Bad hair

Footballer with bad hair

Rex Features

Football has seen more than its fair share of daft hairstyles over the years, from the mullets of the 1980s to the like of Marek Hamsik of SSC Napoli, above.

6. It monopolises the newspapers

Not only does it fill up the sports pages so there’s no room for anything more interesting (athletics? tennis?) it’s often front-page news as well, with the sordid exploits of the latest player to get in trouble with the law or cheat on his girlfriend.

7. There’s too much money involved



The players are paid ridiculous amounts for basically not doing all that much. The average premier league salary is a mind-blowing £44,000 a week and the biggest clubs pay a lot more than that. Not to mention the whole FIFA corruption scandal and the decision to give the World Cup to Qatar..

8. Ticket prices are unaffordable

Many fans have been priced out by the high cost of going to a game. It can cost up to  £97 to see Arsenal or thousands of pounds for a season ticket. And that’s not including the cost of replica shirts and pies.

9. No way (without) Jose!

Jose Mourinho

Rex Features

If nothing else, it’s worth watching a game just to catch a glimpse of The Special One modelling his latest overcoat. So it‘s good news that he’s making a comeback.

10. When the world cup is on…

Absolutely everything else stops.

11. The offside rule

Female football players lying down


Now how does that work again? Zzzzz.


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