Cheating. Infidelity. Adultery. Illicit affairs. Betrayal. Unfaithful. Playing away. However you describe it, discovering your partner has cheated is utterly heartbreaking. So why do men and women cheat? Lust? Boredom? Just because they can? A new poll for hot new infidelity drama, Satisfaction, looked at the motivations of cheating spouses, and the reasons will surprise you...


1. Revenge

For women, the leading reason for cheating is good old-fashioned revenge. In fact 8.6% of the fairer sex claimed revenge would be their primary motivation for infidelity, compared to 6.2% of blokes.


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2. To SAVE a relationship

Outrageously, the most common reason for a man to stray is ‘to save the relationship’ by satisfying themsleves sexually. Almost 10% of men claimed they’d be unfaithful for this reason, compared to 4.8% of women. How selfless of them…


Yes, an inexplicable 6.4% of blokes said they’d cheat in order to hone their skills between the sheets. And 1% of women agreed they would too. We’re guessing they also claim they only watch pornography for tips and ideas…


We all like to have our ego stroked every once in a while. Yet 6.3% of men and women said they’d cheat in order to boost their confidence.

5. To add a bit of SPICE!

Almost 6% of men would cheat on their partner to spice up their relationship. Whether that means spicing up their sex life in general, or with their partner is unclear! But 2.6% of women would do the same.

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Sony Pictures

6. To equal the SCORE

If their partner had been unfaithful, 4% of men and 2.8% of women said they would cheat too, in order to ‘even the score’, thus saving the relationship. We’d be interested to hear if this ever really works!

7. To get PREGNANT

An astonishing one – and luckily an unpoplar reason to play away. But 0.6% of women said they’d consider cheating in order to get pregnant. Worryingly, 0.8% of men said they would too…


Thankfully there is some good news to restore our faith in monogamy. A whopping 78.5% of people declared they would not cheat on a partner for any reason. Phew! Cancel the private detective, stop the Facebook stalking. Delete that GPS app secretly installed on his phone.

Although, while most of us stick to those vows, women are 25% more likely to lie to their partner about past indiscretions and sexual history…




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