Boiiiinnnng! Trampolines are the must-have garden accessory for families. Wonder what all the fuss is about, then put a spring in your step and bounce this way...

1. It gets them off their screens

Trying to limit your kids screen time is a nightmare for parents – but get a trampoline and you and your kids will be laughing! Your nippers will love being outdoors, bouncing in the fresh air.
And it’s not just for sunny days – even in winter they can enjoy the fun. Bouncing keeps ’em warm and burns off all that excess energy, hopefully leading to a peaceful bedtime.

2. It’s great exercise

There are endless benefits to trampolining: it’s a great workout, it tones all your muscles, can help with weight loss, improves your flexibility, develops balance, coordination and motor skills…

3. They’re not just for bouncing on

Trampolines can make fantastic dens, chuck a duvet and a few cushions on there and it’s a great place for kids to chill out and read a book, or draw. Teenagers have been known to have sleepovers on them, and – don’t let on – but us mums and dads (and cats) like to sunbathe on them.

4. Electric shocks

Like nylon pants, trampolines build up a static charge – this can cause your hair to stand on end or, if you touch a friend, give them a shock!

5. Football pitch

If you have a safety net, it’s great for playing football on! The ball never leaves the pitch…unless Dad joins in, that is.

6. Cage fighting

With its soft bouncy floor, it doesn’t take long before it’s Big Daddy v The Kids in the SmackDown/Cage Fighting World Championship. EASY! EASY! EASY!

7. Bouncing is fun!

The exhilarating sensation of leaping high in the air brings out the child in everyone! (Psst… Mums and Dads: if you time your jump just right, you can ping your child miles up into the air…once they’ve got the giggles, it’s a festival of happy tears and snot!)

8. Good for nosy parkers

They say fences make good neighbours, but if you’ve ever wondered what goes on on the other side, then get trampolining and you’ll soon find out.

9. They take up room

If you don’t like mowing the lawn, then you need a trampoline. They take up a lot of room in your garden and the grass underneath will die through lack of sunlight.

10. They can make you money

Set you phone up and film the fun, it won’t belong before someone bounces off the trampoline and lands on the dog. Then send your clip into You’ve Been Framed –
Money in the bank!

11. But – be careful!

Trampolines are great fun, but you need to take care… Have a safety net fitted to stop little Johnny bouncing off and smashing through the greenhouse. There’s also been a large rise in adults being admitted to A&E with trampoline-related injuries…they often involving dads, barbecues, and beer!