They might be embarrassing sometimes, but dads are pretty much the greatest. We've had a go at summing up what makes them so brilliant in just 17 points…

1. They know about all of the important things in life



They understand all the important, grown-up things like mortgages and water rates that we haven’t got our heads round yet. We can only hope that we will be this wise one day!

2. They make really, really bad jokes

So. Many. Puns. And they’re just not even than punny (sorry).

3. They’re great at TV game shows

Again, just how did you get so wise? Will I ever be as clever as you when I’m a grown-up?

4. They always over react when they’re ill

dad coughing


Why for such a reasonable, grown man do you think that you’re dying every time you get the slightest hint of a cold?

5. They’re good at giving advice

Whether it’s the rules of rugby or how to cook a good fried egg, dads are pretty much experts on every single subject.

6. They always say the most embarrassing things in public

Yes that woman is wearing ridiculous clothes, but she can also hear you!

7. They make the best fry-ups



We use EXACTLY the same ingredients as you – so how do you manage to make it taste so much more delicious?

8. They always secretly hate your boyfriends when you’re growing up

No matter how much they bond over their favourite football team, beneath all of that sports chat they’re never quite convinced that they’re good enough for you.

9. They’re your personal taxi

No matter where you are, your dad will always be ready to come and pick you up at the drop of a hat – especially if it’s late or raining.

10. They really want you to like football

Just because they love it, doesn’t mean that we’re going to enjoy it too! But to be honest, going to matches is pretty fun – and you get a bag of chips at half time!

11. They all have a mid-life crisis

car for dad mid-life crisis


Just, no, Dad. We will never be seen with you again if you insist on buying that yellow convertible car.

12. They never quite know the right thing to say

When you’re having a crisis, the amount of tears you’re blubbing can be enough to make your dad want to run and hide. But even if they don’t think so, they do always know exactly the right thing to say to make you feel better.

13. They wear really embarrassing clothes on holiday

Yes, we know it’s hot abroad, but do you really need to be wearing Speedos? Also why do you feel the need to team those Speedos with so many accessories (hat, sunglasses, bag, flip flops)? No one needs to be wearing more accessories than clothes.

14. They think they’re really cool for being on social media



But really they only ever use it to complain about the bad customer service they’ve had. And don’t even get us started on when they try to use hashtags…

15. They take up hobbies but never stick with them

Those golf balls you bought him last Christmas? They’re still in the packaging in the shed, along with the running shoes and that fishing rod…

16. They were always willing to give you some money when mum said no

This was always the case when you were younger – but he still sometimes sneaks you some petrol money even now!

17. They’re terrible at dancing

dad dancing


We know it’s a cliché but dads really can do some terrible dancing. That time he danced to reggae at your cousin’s wedding? You’re never going to be able to erase that from your mind.