With Series 3 now showing, if you haven't watched it yet - you should - because The Blacklist is simply brilliant!

1. The leading man

image of james spader in the blacklsit

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James Spader is brilliant! He plays Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington, a wanted crimal who turns himself into the FBI. He’s got a list of people much worse than he is, and he’s willing to share it. Red is a downright villian – murderer, thief, liar and super selfish – but he’s also witty, dapper (with a lovely collection of hats), smarmy, and handsome. Yup, he’s a wicked genius – and you WILL end up loving him!

2. The plot is intriguing

image of megan boon in the blacklist

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Red will only co-operate with the FBI if he can work with agent Elizabeth Keen (played by Megan Boone). She doesn’t know him and has no idea why he has chosen her. Intriguing.

3. It’ll keep you guessing

…with never ending twists and turns! Why has Red chosen Lizzie? What’s her connection to him? When Red tells Lizzie to take a look at her home life, you soon realise that handsome hubbie Tom is not all he seems. Which brings us to…

4. Ryan James Eggoldrexfeatures_3685885e

He plays Lizzie’s husband – and he is VERY easy on the eye. Nuff said.

5. The weekly guest stars

Each week the story revolves about a different baddie/weirdo from The Blacklist. One week Elizabeth, Red and the FBI team are dealing with master decrypters, the next chasing down a family man who turns people into chemical ooze! They’re weird in what they do – and most weeks, how they look as well. The only guarantee is that the baddie NEVER wins.

6. The soundtrack is brilliant

Every episode of The Blacklist features perfect songs to match the scene. Clever, clever, clever!

7…and then there’s Dembe

image of Dember from The Blacklist

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We don’t know much about Dembe (played by Hisham Tawfiq), apart from that he was once a victim of a sex slavery ring that Red destroyed. He doesn’t say much, but as Red’s right-hand man, he always take care of business.

8. Conspiracies and consequences

With every episode, you’ll think that you’re piecing the story together – before realising that the nugget of new info just complicated the story even more! There’s still SO much you don’t know! Who are the Cabal – and what is their game – and come to that, just what is Red’s game? He’s helping to catch all these master criminals, but you know it’s because he’s up to something… nothing is ever as simple as it seems!

We love it!


The Blacklist is screened in the UK on Sky Living.